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Miku Live Party 2011 -39’s LIVE IN SAPPORO- (Update)

ミクパ♪ in 札幌

Explanation of the day to join everyone in Shoppumikupa

Miku performance of official merchandise, Koraboguzzu corner, take a number of related items Sized merchandise!
Shoppumikupa and Cafe Miku (spring) in all the booths, as all eight species ミクパ♪オリジナルコースター could the (arrival)!
Hatsune, Len & Lynn, Luke, MEIKO, KAITO will guide you to the store's layers
Last Cafe Miku
(2010/8/31) pattern of こちら
buzzG & DECO * 27 & Autograph Session meeting to be held handshake!

DECO * 27 meeting Handshake

Opening hours:
     3 / 9 (Wed.) 13:00 - 14:00 (tentative)
     Animate the space adjacent corner merchandise Shoppumikupa

buzzG signing

Opening hours:
     3 / 9 (Wed) 16:00-17:00
     In the adjacent corner Animeitobusu Shoppumikupa
Miku LIVE VIEWING each theater performance & Y2 × VOCALOID CAFE × cafe Miku (Spring) ♪ collaborative decision
ミクパ♪LIVE VIEWING各劇場 and VOCALOID CAFE gifts like coasters Mikupa Miku buyer at the soda! !


※ LIVE VIEWING theater theater sales in all but the ocean Nakasu Fukuoka will be distributed.
Limited September 3. Office Hours and prices vary for each theater.
※ The coasters and gift items to availability. Please pardon when sold.
Sunday, March 09 (Wed) car comes to pain Miku performance (Spring)
 Specification also Mikupa Parettotaunpuraza Odaiba! ?
Venue from the nearest station Zepp Tokyocircular way to the outdoor space パレットタウンプラザ in Pain Car Sales - (Category: Sega), and 300 in 2009 SUPER GT class race car, Hatsune Miku Studie GLAD BMW Z4 (Exhibits: Good Smile) 2 units is coming
Parettotaunpuraza Admission is free. Please start your time until the packet Miku !
 Admission : Free 
March 9, and (Wednesday) at 19:30 the same venue from special stage, 「初音ミク GT Project ちゃんねる」 performs a live public.
Welcome to the show's MC is Saki Fujita, videos made by Nikoniko 「初音ミク GTプロジェクト 2011テーマソングコンテスト」 of the announces the winners.
 Team Race Queen 「レーシングミクサポーターズ」 three people, come to the venue in costume this season.
GT Project live Miku chan Neru 
Cast : MC Saki Fujita
       Suzuki Yasuaki representative entrant
       Oohashi Itsuo coach
       Guizhou range safety supervisor Arts Team
       Atsuko publicity team
       Haruka Aoi Saki AYAMI Tatibana Reshingumikusapotazu
The number of visitors like you might set a limit entry.
Please note.

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