Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

「THE VOC@LOiD M@STER19」 catalog sales begin


February 05, 2012(Sun)、「Ikebukuro:World Import Mart, Sunshine City Hall, 4 floor A2・3」 at 「THE VOC@LOiD M@STER19」(Bomasu 19) but it is expected to be held thataccording to the informationwell as catalog sales, which launched in Meronbukkusu and Toranoana。「When we sold out in advancethe day is not for salewho can not enter the catalog is not。」

Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Discovery Channel 「2111」 appeared in Hatsune Miku series

RecentlyDiscovery ChannelMini-series that examines the future of 100 years where 「2111」(6 total) to notice 「HRP-4C Not a dream」 and 「Hatsune Miku」 had emerged from a few cutsit was a sign that appeared somewhereprobably in Mexico as well actually there is a daily broadcast December 22, 2011。^

Miku racing 2011 「Storage Box」「Deck Holder」 released

On 29 December 2011a card that can store about 400 sleeveBushiroad Storage Box Collection Vol.35 Miku Racing 2011」 and、card sleeve 50~60 holds can be Deck Holder Collection Vol.42 Racing Miku Bushiroad 2011was released and is scheduledso even that is actually released

29 - 31 December 2011、「Comiket 81」(including winter) Date


29 - 31 December 2011Comiket 81」including winterday as well have been held

『Black Rock Shooter』 premiere be held!

Link noitamina.png

『Black Rock Shooter』 has to be held in late January for the premiere
Applicants will be held from next year。See update at the official HP later

Come 『Black Rock Shooter』 Please refer to the broadcast before

Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

「Tell Your World」(livetune)decision today & the delivery of J-WAVEA full ban in the first

Posted on YouTube 「Hatsune Miku×Chrome」with video collaboration、「Google Chrome “web of yourLet's get down。” Campaign CM song」 is、「Tell Your World」(livetune) has become a hot topicaccording to the information、「January 18, 2012(Wed) from iTues Store、Playing in Rekochoku decisionhas been announced as well thatIn addition、「12/28(Wed):J-WAVE「HELLO WORLD 」22:00-23:45」 seems to have also been announced that the ban on the first full version

Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Miku UK Needs You!

With special thanks to Crypton Future Media, we will create and perform a Hatsune Miku live Concert in Scotland, UK.

Kagamine Rin and Len 4 anniversary

鏡音誕! by くち

Hello everyone.
Today is Kagamine Rin and Len 4 anniversary~~~

「VOCALOID CINEMA PARTY 2012」Exhibitors confirmed minutes of the announcement

March 10, 2012 At Tokyo Polytechnic University VOCALOID-PV Events in the form of screenings on big screen to see 「VOCALOID CINEMA PARTY 2012」 That is expected to be heldas also confirmed the minutes were presented by the exhibitor In addition ticket is Comiket 81 Third Day

BRS ED theme supercell decided!

Link noitamina.png

 Broadcast from February 2 to start 『Black Rock Shooter』 ending themehandle decided that supercell。

On March 7 『Black★Rock Shooter』 produced the illustrations “huke” A side single release of the two also decide to draw a coverPlease check us

supercell official site

Senin, 26 Desember 2011

「Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai」 Exposed !

Now、released Quarterly pixivさん(vol.07) retemashita notice is published in a forthcoming issue of 「Cheerful JAPAN! feat. Hatsune Miku Cheering illustration contestexcellent work bun150 by 「Cheer Up!!」

【TOYOTA BIG AIR×Hatsune Miku】 Hatsune Miku snowboarding challenge!?


「TOYOTA BIG AIR×Hatsune Miku」


The science magazine for the French junior 「Hatsune Miku」 illustrated articles

According to informationscience and French junior 「Science&Vie JUNIOR No.268」 and、so it is also an article of Hatsune MikuAccording to the reportVOCALOID and MikuMikuDanceAnd How to concerts Hatsune Miku 3Dbut entered as described in the illustration

【KARENT】T-POCKET、Kofun P started delivery!

T-POCKET 『SONG LINE』、Kofun P 『Sweet Logic』 and will start delivery of 2 titles

Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

「Megurine Luka Tony ver.」「1/8 scale Hatsune Miku Cheerful Ver」


On March,18 2011Tony was awakened popular illustrator who drew 「Hatsune Miku」 is three-dimensional figure that Max was a 「Hatsune Miku Tony ver.」 But that is releasedaccording to the information「Hobby JAPAN (ホビージャパン) February 2012 issue at、2nd and 「Megurine Luka Tony ver.」 And that has been publishedBesides thisCharity of the Good Smile Company was planning to recruit in pixiv 「Cheerful JAPAN」 to create support prize for illustration contest was recruited pixiv as 「Cheer UP!!」(She made bun150) was added 1/8 scale 1/8 scale Hatsune Miku Cheerful Ver」

Vocaloid X'Mas Party

Hello everyone.
Tonight Vocaloid X'Mas Party it's started, come and enjoy~

The Android-powered smartphones 『mikusere』 & 『Rinlensere』 theme

The Android-powered smartphones

「Project DIVA」 video a little bit of new projects!

The songs are doriko 「Cat」 。

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade:Introducing the star performer in December、Rin・Len Append!


Kagamine memorable day for the house


Will add the following 2 modules

Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

【Collaboration】 The Powerpuff Girls ×Hatsune Miku・Megurine Luka・Kagamine Rin・Len



The Powerpuff Girls celebrated the 10th anniversary this yearas new initiatives from the first 11 years

Expand the project's collaboration with Hatsune Miku


Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

★Play draw ticket sale information leading updated guide!

draw ticket sale information was updated to preceding play guide
draw ticket sale ahead Play Guide

☆ 『Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai』 reservation benefits☆

Herethe software will be released for the Nintendo 3DS, March 08, 2012

【KarenT】AVTechNO!、U-ji aka reichoo-rui P、arata delivery start!

AVTechNO! 『Hatsune Miku TEAR』、U-ji aka reichoo-rui P 『Imaging Cross Sympathy ~Sympathetic imagination intersect SIDE-M~』、arata 『Butnow love you / Request!』Became the title of 3 start delivery

Nekomura Iroha・Christmas cat illustration contest

『Nekomura Iroha・Christmas cat illustration contest』 is、Nekomura Iroha Christmas Cat『yanguruberu』 themeis competition to recruit the original illustrationsPlease everyone join us

Senin, 12 Desember 2011

【Calendar - Original】HATSUNE MIKU 2012 CALENDAR powered by

CryptonFutureMedia Characters「Hatsune Miku」「Kagamine Rin」「Kagamine Len」「Megurine Luka」「MEIKO」「KAITO」charm
The tightly packed calendar of fan interest from January to December - 2012 calendar illustration wanted!


2012 calendar illustration wantedEveryone who join the planthank you very muchIn this collaborationthe Illustrations were used to recruit next year's calendar professional piaproGensen naru screening resultsWe will be elected to work 1 by one a monthfinished in a nice calendarReleased on December 19, 2011Mondaywe plan toEveryoneplease wait in the fun

Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

【KarenT】ELECTROCUTICA、Ozu(tanshokuP)、Tera Komuro P delivery!


ELECTROCUTICA 『Aquila』、Ozu(tanshokuP)『piano android』、Tera Komuro P 『Stardust』became the title of 3 start delivery

Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Vocaloid X Scandinavia contest

We’ve got some big Vocaloid fans here in Alpha Entertainment, and so we’re holding not one, but two contests and a bonus one, to bring more of Miku and friends to Scandinavia!

Alpha Entertainment might be a Danish publisher, but we’re opening up these contests for all of Scandinavia, which means that fans from all these countries can join our contest: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway!

「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-」12/15 is a lot of news!!


Finally 12/15(Thursday) in 「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- extend」 Download Version
And 「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd」 I will release version that deals
Ohdid you know yet the details of the version Temasen deals
「extend」 and、together with information please see a little bit surprised!!