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“Idolmaster 2″ – Hatsune Miku Append PS3 Trailer

「Idolm@ster 2」 DLC catalog vol.4 features the second TV anime change opening theme, as well as new downloadable costumes and accessories. But that’s not all. Also included in the pack is Miku’s Append costume. All this will be available at the Japanese PSN store come February 1st.

Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Wanhobi 15 in「min'na de tsukurou mikuaato!」project advertised

February 12, 2012(Sun)held in the「WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU 15」For、according to the information、「min'na de tsukurou mikuaato!」has been announced as well that the planning applicationWhat is、「Good Smile CompanyPhoto of the figures produced by Crypton Vocaloid has been handling the (200×200 pixels or higher recommended)to postresulting Monorashiku a combination of these giant mosaic artthe process it is also to be published from time to time。「1 Post each 100 yen(limit 10,000 min)Good Smile Company is planning a charity『Cheerful JAPAN!』Will be donated to local governments as a donation to the East through the earthquake。」

「SNOW MIKU 2012」official tour「Snow Miku stamp」published

Winter events are held in Hokkaido「SNOW MIKU 2012」in relationto the travel agencies that TOPTOUR「1,000 Limited person「Snow Miku Nendoroidwith ticket purchase official tours with limited goodWhile the application is startedaccording to the informationthat applies to goods and vouchers Award TourSnow Miku stamphas been published as well

Vocaloid Ranking #225

This is VocaRan countdown #225, for the week ending January 23rd, 2012.

Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

「Vocalodream」 Oricon Weekly Ranking fifth is the 5 appearance!

January 18, 2012 was released in 「EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalodream(bokarodoriimu) feat. Hatsune Miku」 aboutThe other is the fifth album debuted at Oricon weekly rankings for January 30, 2012In additionsame day release Best of OSTER」(OSTER project feat.Hatsune Miku) seems to have fared well with the # 24 debut

JTB「Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012(Mikupa♪) plan」

To be held March 08 and March 09, 2012 「Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgiving in relation to the JTB hosted from January 23, 2012  Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgiving Special Plans concert ticketsas March 08 of 「Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012 DayAccording)(Mikupa♪) plan」 and March 09 of Hatsune Miku concert Hatsune Miku Thanksgiving Day Finalplanbut it was reservedfor the start of the second Hatsune Miku concert Hatsune Miku Thanksgiving Day Finalplan」。

May 27 The Bokaroonri in Taiwan 「VOCAWORLD-01」 held

According to the informationIn Taiwan on May 27, 2012 「VOCAWORLD-01」 as the number of booths that will also be held in Boca event log only about 48OrganizerI do not think Taiwanese love MACiA Bokaro

「Kamisun!」 on 「Hatsune Miku×Chrome」 is featured collaboration Raretarashii of CM

Nakai masahiro of SMAP Late-night live music show serves as MC Kamisun!」 Foraccording to the informationJanuary 23, 2012 KamisunNewscorner 「Hatsune Miku×Chrome」 Collaboration CM was taken up as wellSpecifically, in the narrationHad been appointed only the big international artists like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber date Google of CM、that you are talking about will be Japan's first starring diva Hatsune Miku、Hatsune Miku is a description that the music softwareand its popularity is not limited to Internetthe line actually live Hatsune Miku Save as disclosed is thatEspecially in the live sceneNakai was calm on the sidelines until then What's this」「What It」「It's amazingalso seemed like hide and surprise

【KarenT】 Hikari shuuyoo、Sei-Peridot started deliveri!

Hikari shuuyoo 『sono tenohira ni sasaru toge』、Sei-Peridot 『Repose』 now start delivering 2 titles

Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Figure 「Hatsune Miku Love Is War ver.」&「DX」version at the end of Rerurashii kudan

supercell music Love is Warmotif was 1/8 scale figure 「Hatsune Miku Love Is War ver.」 anda deluxe version of Hatsune Miku Love Is War ver. DX」(Store limitedObsoletein it will be shipped from the Good Smile Company on January 30, 2012have also been published as a blog post a new report by Mika TanAs has been achieved since both the fine Detail Form and powerful、「Love Is War」

「Tell Your World」 delivery from 25 countries in the world's largest 217 Japanese singer ever

「Hatsune Miku×Chrome」 video collaboration 「Google Chrome: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)」 CM song of the topics that are used in the 「Tell Your World」(livetune) Foraccording to the information broadcast sportsJanuary 25, 2012 from world 217 countriesand that begins with deliveryAccording to the reportthis number 「“Japanese singerunprecedentedseems to be

NTV system information program 「ZIP!」 with 「Hatsune Miku×Chrome」 introduced music collaboration with CM

NTV system information program 「ZIP!」 speaking ofhave picked up the story about Hatsune Miku sounds first frequentJanuary 23, 2012(Tue)the 「I come。」 Corner、「Hatsune Miku×Chrome」 Collaboration CM and、the song CM 「Tell Your World」(livetune) was introduced as wellIt played a million a week on YouTubeespecially # 1 on the iTunes store、「infiltrated the production site!」entitled livetune of kz said also dared to infiltrate coverage 

「Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai」 published the contents of the Accessory Set

March 08, 2012 on、3DS game 「Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai」 along withFrom Hori 「Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai Accessories Set for Nintendo 3DS」 had been shown to be the recent releasedaccording to information contentPouchProtective coverDecoration Stickeris published were as well

Setsubun!Recruitment started in February and illustrations blogs TOP!

「Lunar new year!!」

『Black Rock Shooter』 Many applicants Arigatogozaimashita preview your predecessor!

Link noitamina.png

『Black Rock Shooter』 preview application for your interest in leadingThank you very much

【Black★Rock Shooter - THE GAME】PlayStation(R)HOME in 『B★RS THE GAME』 in Puchitto★characters appeared!

Hello everyone
「Black★Rock Shooter - THE GAME」

PlayStation(R)HOME at、「Black★Rock Shooter - THE GAME」 will be launched in the motif of a deformed character items in popular characters

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「THE TOP TENS」 in 「singer OP London Olympics」 article karameta to vote overseas

Voting sites 「THE TOP TENS」 in 「Who wants to sing at the opening ceremony of the Olympics to be held in London in 2012?」 In the unofficial vote、now 「Hatsune Miku」 is 16%~17% has been off the charts at # 1according to sourcessome overseas sitesthat have published an article with this karameta

Bridge to coach CarWatch、Nobuteru players opening、interviews to Banba migaku player

SUPER GT2011 Team played a superb season since winning 「GSR&Studie with Team UKYO」 for bridge to coach CarWatchNobuteru players openingAs also has an article interview with Banba migaku playerHere Fuji Sprint Cupbut that the timing and the previous interviewOther circumstances in 2011also seems to mention race in 2012

February 28, 2012 on Hatsune Miku's special program on SKY

According to the information will be broadcast on February 28th with shows Miku only other song is Bokaro SKY program。」「Only the Bokaro also appeared in shows and ranking first subculture in the pastPlease expect us。」 According to the attached imageFebruary 28, 2012(Tue) on 22:00~22:30 ofChannel 643「100% HitsSpace Shower TV Plus HD」 and channels 732「100% HitsSpace Shower TV Plusand、「special artist Hatsune Mikuasseems to Bokaro will showcase songs

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Next Country You Would Like to Have a Hatsune Miku Live Party? - Top Ten List


Vote here the next Place of HATSUNE MIKU LIVE PARTY you want it. (*Not Officially) Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

Entered Hatsune Miku 「Capsule figures New Chitose Airport Limited」 is presented in news programs

A Hokkaido specialtyA Hokkaido specialtsalmon AramakiSapporo Clock Towerkitakitsune of snowsnow sculpture Sapporo Snow Festivalberth Hokutosei expresssoup and curry Ajanta CharacterVocalSeries「Hatsune Miku」(with Snow Miku) a limited capsule Figures Kaiyodo lineup is the New Chitose Airport (300 yen) Foraccording to the information、「Ichioshi of January 20on the show that was about 1 minutethe news was broadcast in Hokkaido souvenir figures。」「Ichioshi! to the 「popular virtual idol born in Hokkaido」 It is kotorashiihe saysApart from thisas well as articles have been featured in several news sitesIn addition新千歳空港限定カプセルフィギュアの特設サイト the report seems to come as well

「Tell Your World」(livetune) and T-shirts on sale Parker

Google Chrome for CM song 「Tell Your World」(livetune) and speakingJanuary 18, 2012 distributed from iTunes while keeping the # 1 overall in the storedate January 20, 2012and4 overall in the Rekochoku was delivered yesterday date January 20, 2012has becomeaccording to the information、「To celebrate the delivery of toy's hop in livetune feat.Hatsune Miku Worldwide sales for the limited itemsthat have thatSpecifically, T-shirtsand sold three picture book of their products Parker January 18~31, 2012) seems to have been。「to purchaserhe product will be delivered sequentially from mid-February。」

Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

Concordia University By Ian・Condry 「Miku - Virtual Idol media platforms」

February 4~6, 2012、Concordia University is a public university in Canada Academic discussion of Japanese pop culture」 seems to be holding an event to dothere MIT Comparative Media Studies Associate Professor IanCondry、「Miku - Virtual Idol media platforms」 

「VOCALOID3 Oliver (DVD Version)」 was released

December 21, 2011 From PowerFX new VOCALOID 「Oliver」(オリバー) but the download version is releasedhe daily 19 January 2012 According to the information 「DVD Versionwas released as wellPrices startat $ 149 seems to have become

【SNOW MIKU 2012】「Snow Miku nendoroid fuwafuwa kooto Ver.」 Additional Information!

「Snow Miku nendoroid fuwafuwa kooto Ver.」

Vocaloid 3 「Aoki Lapis – “Think the Future” by Taishi」

It's the third track from the I-style Project album, 「Daydream Flight」. The song is called Think the Future and is by music producer Taishi — with vocals from new Vocaloid 3 idol Aoki Lapis.

Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

★Product Sales Corner Sales Announcement Time

Day of the performanceproduct sales corner in the hall official merchandisecollaboration goodswill sell similar items

★Special Plans with tickets on sale。

Release of Special Plans has decided performances with tickets

☆ 『Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgiving』 wrote an article in the freezing cold hands I received the latest information ☆

March 8・9, 2012 TOKYO DOME CITY HALL to be held at Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgiving』!
Ni okimashite this eventNiko Niko liveover we decided to do and live in movie theaters national

★Determined for each night with live performances in movie theaters nationwide!

March 8,9、2012 TOKYO DOME CITY HALL to be held at Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgivingwas determined to be screened live in cinemas nationwide

【KARENT】 Sutaaraito P/Benjamin started deliveri!

Sutaaraito P/Benjamin 『BRaNE WoRLD』 now start broadcasting

Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

「SNOWMIKU2012」「Wonder Festival 2012【Winter】」 original goods sold at!

「Snow Miku 2012」、「Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai」、
「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-」 together with such goods
TricolorAirLineI also offer our goods!!

Each place is different because the goods soldplease note

NTV system information program 「ZIP!」Hatsune Miku weekly ad on the cover in ASCII

January 10, 2012 (Tue)Released in Weekly ASCII No.1/24(No.864) Speaking of coverwhich had adorned the Hatsune Mikuaccording to the informationprogram information system NTV is advertising its 「ZIP!」

Nikofare MikuMikuDance Sururashii of corresponding

On April 29, 2012 Niko Niko Video (ZERO)」 which is scheduled to begin serviceon December 12, 2011 its contents 「『genten kaikishow a new service 5 Anniversary Niko Niko Videokari)」 was published in the January 15, 2012genten kaikishow a new service 5 Anniversary Niko Niko Video(β)」 in、so even more new services were announcedAccording to the reportthe Bokaro-relatedin that it corresponds to the MMD Nikofare、「as AR renewable MMD live dataseems to be

【KARENT】「Snow festival」Start Delivery!

Nowfeatures the theme song of the winter snow such "Snow festival" now works delivered
「Snow festival」 participants work out here!!

【KARENT】 Deddobooru P start delivery 4 titles!

Deddobooru P 『Dead Ball Project vol.2』、『Dead Ball Project vol.3』、『Dead Ball Project vol.4』、『Dead Ball Project vol.5』 Start now deliver 4 titles

Vocaloid Ranking #224

This is VocaRan countdown #224, for the week ending January 16, 2012.

Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

CD 『VOCALO TEARS feat.Hatsune Miku』 『VOCALO SMILE feat.Hatsune Miku』 simultaneous release!!


Today 1/18(Wed)『VOCALO TEARS feat.Hatsune Miku』 and 『VOCALO SMILE feat.Hatsune Miku』 will be released simultaneously!!

Community’s Choice – Vocaloid Edition

In order to celebrate the partnership with our new friends from Crypton Future Media, the Community’s Choice contest in Cosplay Gen #5 will have a special theme: Vocaloid. As the title implies, we will accept in the contest only Vocaloid cosplays, so if you have a good photo of you in Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kamui Gakupo, Kaito or any other Vocaloid, take your chance and submit it!

CD 『EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalodream feat. Hatsune Miku』 Release!!

Released the CD『EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalodream feat. Hatsune Miku』

【SNOW MIKU 2012】JR Hokkaido 「Snow Miku☆commemorative ticket」released!

Nanto~tsu!from JR Hokkaido、「SNOW MIKU 2012」 according to・・・
「Snow Miku☆Commemorative ticket」 and 「Snow Miku☆free pass now after being released

New Chinese Vocaloid Revealed

A few months ago, an art contest was held to determine the design of the first official Chinese Vocaloid.

Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Overseas voting site 「Singer OP London Olympics」 Hatsune Miku has finally voted # 1!!

America's voting system site 「THE TOP TENS」 in 「Who wants to sing at the opening ceremony of the Olympics to be held in London in 2012?」 In the unofficial voteand the entry is Hatsune Miku recently ranked as conspicuously was upaccording to sourcesone finally came in as wellIn so many votes were from overseas Mikufan about thisseems to have appeared in the form of reality is also the height of Miku's attention worldwide

「Aoki rapisu second three contests」 illustration contest held

Aoki rapisu」(aoki ra pisuhas developed a i-style project for、according to the information aoki rapisu 3 dai kontesuto dainikai illustration contest was held as well According to it so what if it may be depicted aoki rapisuapplicantswill be one of the necrosis Note that Entry Period January 16, 2012(Mon)~February 10, 2012(Fri)」

「NIKKEI Japan Report #33」 introduced by Vocaloid


On January 12, 2012English-language programming 「NIKKEI Japan Report #33」 but it was deliveredaccording to the informationwhereIt has been introduced with VocaloidYamaha no Kenmochi-shiKuriputon-sha no sasaki shiBokaro P no ZANEEDS-shisuch that I and colleagues as well as interviews with people in that Mew sakamoto miu

Hello Kitty×Hatsune Miku Limited collaboration products Hokkaido 「Snow Miku×Hello Kitty~SNOW MIKU~」released!

Popular character Hello Kitty and 「Snow Miku」 is standing chaimashita collaborated

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade:The primary recruitment selection decisions songs music Third!

The announcement of the primary selection the Third Call Music
Among a total of 98 applicantswere selected tracks are two songs below

Senin, 16 Januari 2012

「SNOW MIKU 2012」 Renewal site & Official Announcement Tour

Winter events are held in Hokkaido 「SNOW MIKU 2012」 related toaccording to the information、「SNOW MIKU 2012」 relaunched the sitealso appeared as areas guided to the home pageIn additionthe goods page 「JR HokkaidoSnow Miku☆free pass」「JR Hokkaido Snow Miku☆commemorative ticket』」 will be addedIn additionnotice had been more moneythe travel agency that TOPTOUR limited to 1,000 guestsSnow Miku NendoroidWith each purchase Official tours with limited goodsand appears to have started applying for

Overseas voting site 「Singer OP London Olympics」 5 vote Hatsune Miku

America's voting system site 「THE TOP TENS」 in 「Who wants to sing at the opening ceremony of the Olympics to be held in London in 2012?」 The entry in Hatsune Mikuand had been conspicuously rank upthe information According to finally play a round of 10and it was now ranked fifth For this、facebook「Hatsune Miku」 so as not official comments have come in and support those who will try to check