Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f – New Promotional Video

Sega has released another promotional video for their upcoming rhythm game, 「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- ƒ」, for the Playstation Vita (August 30th). The video showcases several new tracks, modules, augmented reality feature, and our first look at the game’s opening cinematic. 

Rabu, 11 Juli 2012

SAPPORO Short Fest presents CGM AWARD

Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market is holding a contest for users to create videos and short films for Hatsune Miku’s upcoming 5th anniversary. Selected movies will be screened at the main theater of the Sapporo Short Fest.

Toshihiro Fukuoka, Michael Arias, Kuniyuki Takahashi will j oin as judges and the extra prizes for grand prix is VESTAX MIDI Controller VCI-100MKII Hatsune Miku design ver. with Special App : MMD-MIDI Protocol Converter.

Deadline has been extended to the end of July!