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Hatsune Miku 3D Live in Los Angeles

Mikunopolis - The Official Miku LA Concert name

The Miku-Fes 2011 Committee is joining with ANIME EXPO 2011 to bring a Hatsune Miku concert to Los Angeles, at the ANIME EXPO 2011 (Los Angeles Convention Center from the 1st July to the 4th July). She will be preforming with sponsorship from Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. in the NOKIA Theatre on the 2nd July 2011.

The concert is based on the event that took place in Tokyo on the 9th March 2010 named "Miku's Day Thanksgiving", but will feature a few improvements over the original event. The 3D imaging will be created by SEGA and supervised by Crypton Future Media, the creators of Hatsune Miku.

About Crypton Future Media
Crypton Future Media, Inc. (Head Office: Sapporo, Director: Hirouki Itoh) is a company that specializes in various sound generation software. In 2007 they released the "Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku", and since its release there have been tens of thousands of songs created using Miku's voice - she has created an international sensation on the internet, which is only growing bigger. In 2010 Crypton also introduced a web-based music distribution service - over 1000 music labels are using it to distribute media.

About SEGA
SEGA Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Director: Okitane Usui) was established in 1960 and ever since have been bringing the world a variety of original games and software for everyone to enjoy. They are also the creators of the rhythm action game "Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd", which has now sold over 40 thousand copies - a game enjoyed by Miku fans all over the world!

About Tokyo Kawaii Magazine
Tokyo Kawaii Magazine is an iPhone electronic magazine that was first released in March 2010. It introduces Japan's anime, fashion and pop culture to the world in both English and Spanish, and is downloaded all over the world. In the past the magazine has featured famous anime series such as Suzumiya Haruhi and Evangelion, and the most recent issue had a large special feature featuring Hatsune Miku!

About Miku's Day Thanksgiving
Miku's Day Thanksgiving is a solo-concert created for the virtual idol Hatsune Miku. The concert took place on the 9th March 2010 at Zepp Tokyo. This date was chosen because the Japanese words for 'three' and 'nine' can be read as 'Miku".
There were two performances - an afternoon performance and an evening performance, and a total of 5000 fans came to see Miku live, along with another 4000 fans who watched via online streaming. The concert was run using the 3D model data created by SEGA for the 'Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade" game - huge versions of the game's models stood on stage and gave fans a performance that they will never forget. The concert made news worldwide.

About Anime Expo
Anime Expo (AX) is a North American anime event that has been running since 1992 in Los Angeles. Every year a number of guests are invited from Japan to attend the event and give live performances or attend conferences. This year the event will be taking place from 1st - 4th of July at the Los Angeles Convention Center - the biggest convention center on the West Coast.

About The NOKIA Theatre
The NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE is a concert hall opened in 2007, adjoined to the Los Angeles Convention Center. It houses an impressive 7100 seats and has held over 120 live events since its opening.

Character Profiles

Hatsune Miku

Character Profiles
Character Profiles
Hatsune Miku
Age : 16 years
Height : 158 cm
Weight : 42 kg
Favorite Genre : Pop/Dance
Favorite Tempo Range : 70~150BPM
Best Vocal Range : A3~E5
Hatsune Miku is a cute and upbeat virtual singer voiced by Saki Fujita. She was the first in the VOCALOID 2 series of voice synthesizers.
Miku's voice has been used for songs spanning the oldest of styles up to the newest trends, singing mostly pop music along with a variety of other styles, including being well known for her ability to sing anime songs. She has a very charming voice that can climb easily to very high notes, while still able to sound beautiful at mid-ranges as well. By making use of Crypton's software you can have your very own studio and your own idol to work with - all from the comfort of your home!

Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len
Character Profiles
Character Profiles
Kagamine Rin
Age : 14 years
Height : 152 cm
Weight : 43 kg
Favorite Genre : Electro-pop, rock, pop
Favorite Tempo Range : 85~175BPM
Best Vocal Range : F3~C5
Kagamine Len
Age : 14 years
Height : 156 cm
Weight : 47 kg
Favorite Genre : Pop, dance, rock
Favorite Tempo Range : 70~160BPM
Best Vocal Range : D3~C5
The virtual singers Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine are both voiced by Asami Shimoda, giving them a wonderful, youthful voice. They were the second of the VOCALOID 2 series of voice synthesizers.
The Kagamine twins are well known for their very clear and precise vocals, which make them able to sing a variety of genres easily, including rock and electronic pop. Just with a few tweaks here and there they could sing almost any other genres as well - the ability to switch between a more masculine or feminine voice also allows for an even larger range of possible vocals than before.

Megurine Luka
Character Profiles
Character Profiles
Megurine Luka
Age : 20 years
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Favorite Genre : Latin-jazz-pop, house-dance electronica
Favorite Tempo Range : 65~145BPM
Best Vocal Range : D3~D5
The virtual singer Megurine Luka is voiced by Yuu Asakawa who gives her a cool, yet strangely mysterious voice for all to enjoy. Luka was the third of the VOCALOID 2 series of voice synthesizers.
Luka was the first in the series to be designed to sing in both Japanese and English, using two separate voice databases - she was the first bilingual VOCALOID. In the past, creating songs with English lyrics had always been somewhat awkward, but Luka is able to sing both in Japanese, English or a mix of the two - a worldwide virtual singer. She was designed to have a moody, husky kind of voice that could sing from the middle to high notes easily, which gave her the perfect vocals for house, trance and electronic music. Her voice is slightly more mature than the previous girls, which makes her excel at jazz and blues songs as well.
Character Profiles
Character Profiles
Character Profiles
Character Profiles

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