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ANIME EXPO Schedule Announced

ANIME EXPO Schedule Announced

The schedule for ANIME EXPO taking place from 1st - 4th of July has been announced.

This includes the programme information from the MIKUNOPOLIS executive committee, which is as follows:
(LACC=Los Angeles Convention Center)
1st July


Keynote Speech
A Keynote Speech by the CEO of Crypton Future Media, Hiroyuki Itoh.

@LACC Petree Hall


MMD Workshop
An MMD Beginner's Workshop by Kawarasan.
@LACC 501

2nd July


MIKU Conference
A talk section hosted by Onyx Kobayashi and Crypton Future Media's Wataru Sasaki.

@LACC Petree Hall


(Concert Hall will open at 7:00PM)

MIKUNOPOLIS "Happy to meet you! I'm HATSUNE MIKU"
@NOKIA Theatre
3rd July


MIKU Dance Competition with DANCEROID
DANCEROID's I-Ku-Ra and Kozue Aikawa will be on stage. A dance competition featuring Miku songs.

@LACC 515B

There will be a further MIKUNOPOLIS section titled 'Mirai no Meiro' on the 3rd July.

@LACC Petree Hall

For more information, please visit the following site: ANIME EXPO 2011

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