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PIAPRO x SF Japantown Collaboration Projects

A Message from Piapro
In conjunction with the 3rd annual J-POP SUMMIT Festival, is collaborating with Japantown of San Francisco. With this spring’s earthquake tragedy still fresh in our minds, the J-POP SUMMIT Festival will incorporate multiple benefit events into the programming. Hatsune Miku has decided to join the festival this year to support this effort! In this event, we will be taking submissions of Japantown’s street-banner design in the theme of “Hope for Japan’s Recovery.” At the J-POP SUMMIT Festival 2011, we will sell goods with the chosen design to benefit Japan’s relief efforts. Also, we will be taking submissions for the new character design of “Hatsune Miku U.S. Version.” Please read the specifications carefully, then use your imagination to come up with the new Miku image!

*This Contest is Hosted by: Crypton Future Media, Inc.

Collaboration Projects Details

★ Collaboration A
San Francisco Japantown’s Street Banner Design Submissions

Characters to Use for Design:
Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, MEIKO or KAITO
(use at least one of these characters)

Submission Period:
Friday, June 24 – Tuesday, July 19 (By 5:00pm sharp – Tokyo time)

Size, Format and Other Requirements:
    -36 inches wide x 72 inches tall (the size of the street banner) -Submit design file at 72dpi -Chosen design will be requested for resubmission at above 300dpi and in CMYK color mode -Use the text “Japapntown” somewhere in your design -The design requires an imagery or theme that supports Japan’s recovery efforts -Multiple submissions are welcome

Grand Prize:
A round trip ticket to San Francisco (travel dates flexible) presented by NEW PEOPLE, Inc. & Japantown Merchant Association

★ Collaboration B
Hatsune Miku U.S. Version – New Character Design Submissions

Character to Use for Design:
Hatsune Miku

Submission Period:
Friday, June 24 – Monday, August 1 (By 5:00pm sharp – Tokyo time)

Size, Format and Other Requirements:
    -Design using characteristics of Hatsune Miku (only) -Miku’s fashion, hairstyle, and background are designer’s choice -There is no size or format requirement for this design file -Design must include an image of Hatsune Miku from head to toe -Please note, the chosen design is subject to be changed or adjusted at times -Please note, the chosen design is subject to use in promotions outside of Japantown, San Francisco -Multiple submissions are welcome

Grand Prize:
A round trip ticket to San Francisco (travel dates flexible) presented by Crypton Future Media, inc.

How to Enter the Contest

★ Register
Go to and register. If you have previously registered, log in.
***The website is in Japanese. For English, use the translation tool on your browser.
Youtube tutorial for registeration:

★ Rules for Tags
- When entering your submission, please lock your tag.
- Submissions with unlocked tags will be disregarded.
- After the submission deadline, an administrator lock (aka Piaprolock) will be placed on all entries with locked tags.
- During the selection period, you will not be able to edit or delete tags due to the Piaprolock.
- Even if your submission content is deleted during the selection process, the submission will still remain as an entry.
- At the end of the selection period, Piaprolock will be disabled.

**All submissions must be tagged. Submission tags are as below:

Collaboration A: SFBannerDesign
Collaboration B: 2011USMIKU

★ Rules for Entry
- Professionals and amateurs (no age restriction) may enter.
- Entries will be restricted to submissions within general public order and morals.
- If a third party claims an issue of infringement or violation of any laws, it will be the responsibility of the entrant to handle the matter. The sponsor of the contest will not be held responsible.
- Entries are restricted to designs that have not been used on any merchandise and do not have any restricted rights when producing merchandise.
- All submissions received after the entry deadline will not be considered.
- Any changes to the entry such as title changes after submission will not be reflected in the entry.
- The title of the winning design will include all punctuations used when published.
- The nickname used for publication will become the name used for licensing rights. If there is no entry, Piapro’s log in name or Piapro ID will be used.

**Any submission not meeting the above criteria will be disqualified. During the entry period or after the winners have been announced, if the submission is proved to not meet the criteria that submission will be disqualified.

★ Rights to the Entered Design
Any websites that currently post the image of the submitted design may remain online but merchandising rights will belong to the sponsor of the contest. For Collaboration B, the copyright of the winning design will be given to the sponsor of the contest.

★ Questions?
For any questions regarding this collaboration, please email us at

★ Privacy
All personal information collected during the entry process will be acquired and managed by Crypton Future Media, Inc.

★ Other Notices
-Entered designs may be used by the sponsor for promotional purposes or on their website without compensation or prior notice to the entrant.
-Please do not change the email address you used when you entered the contest.
-Please be aware that contest details may change without prior notice to entrants.

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