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【BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME】 - First video game! Publishing a movie character / WRS!(CV: Maaya Sakamoto)&「Konputiiku」「New type」In BRS drawn Festival!

Hello everyone。
「Black ★ Rock Shooter THE GAME」

クリックRPGキャラクター/WRS ムービー公開

BRS appearance of a mysterious girl with a two peas、WRS.
Today、Publishing a movie。
Please look。
(Please refer to the last movie。I have been a voice and a little extra footage at the end)

CHECK_RPGBRS Konputiku drawn on the cover!
On sale tomorrow, July 08 「gekkan konputiiku 8 tsuki-go」 so、
BRS will adorn the cover illustration drawn by his authorship huke!


A lot more rewarding article、page 12 Intro Special!
dialogue including the creators of the new store huke × director Kazuya、
Ufotable drawn illustrations published in the OP animation worked。
In addition to the end of the article、because there are news of interest
please look。

CHECK_RPGNew type of illustrations drawn!
In addition、the release said「nyuutaipu 8 tsuki-goo」but、
OP was in charge of animation production
Facing the public's illustrations drawn ufotable!
Exclusive interview with new type、
Do not miss the episode when the president talks about making Kondo ufotable。

 CHECK_RPGFamitsu game article!
And、in Weekly Famitsu released today、
shizu & kaarii unveiled a messenger had appeared at a glance with the OP animation!
The appearance of this formidable power and the twins are completely different・・・!?

Etc、for the future sale、will be featured in various magazines。
Please try to check it out!

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