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【BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME】 -Published Battle Movie!&comiket with Wonder Festival information

Hello everyone
Black Rock Shooter THE GAME

クリックRPG>バトルページOPEN! ムービー第一弾公開!

Todaythe battle became Published pages
In additionthe basic operation of BRS Attackwith Avoid to introduce   
Because the movie was releasedplease come visit us

Black Rock Shooter THE GAMEis performed in real-time combat
I turned semi-action battle
Shooting the enemy to operate in a semi-automatic aiming to mark the enemy!   
Attacks while dodging enemy will be fighting in the defense or avoidance


July 24 (Sunday) held
Wonder Festival 2011 [Summer] WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! At 14 booths、 『Black Rock Shooter THE GAME Talk Event of that
Will be done
Ahead just before the releaseand the story behind the latest production
Will be available to a limited special events and films
Pattern of events was smiling LiveTV10 Wanhobi life from morning to morningbut
Can be seen

Noteonly the first occurrence of the event video footage (Sexy slightly) will be

For detailscheck out the Wonder Festival's official website herehttp://www.whl4u.jp/


August 12 (Fri) - 14 (Sun) for three days
ComikeT 80the company booth 4F West Direct Niko Nikobooth、 「B★RS」 has decided to sell the original product

RPG「B★RS THE GAME」Comiket 80 setSet Limited Edition Event

BRS original telephone card
Only one in the worldBRS is a picture of the shape of a bunny's drawn huke

Custom T-Shirts
Original T-shirt with the package illustration

Shine a blue towel the image of the BRS in fire monotone eye

The above setsThe original will be sold on at the exclusive venue Shopper

Interested parties arePlease try to check out

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