Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

【BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME】 - PV Publishing&WORLD Page Public&Video Introduction Package


「Black ★ Rock Shooter THE GAME」is the PV of the counter。
How exactly what a game。
Please see the pictures of us come here!
(Click on the image above、「PV-store」will play the movie by pressing the buttons)


BRS is awakened for the final weapon against the alien、the
16 years after its birth、the world of 2051 AD。
The remaining humans、only 12 people。
The story begins in San Francisco、and spread to the world die。
Course through the BRS、please try to visit the verge of extinction worldwide。


 Imaoka the apprentice relations、along with Yoshie shadow president can plump your genius、
The videos help us to explain the 2 packages。

The present campaign is planned for homemade masks CHAN × CO design!(Deadline is the end of July 2011)

広報見習いImaokaのTwitter Started。
To everyone、so we will announce the news JPRG.jp、
Everyone、please do if you follow。
Thank you!

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