Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

MIKUBOOK.com Goes Live


Yesterday, Crypton launched a website and pseudo-social network in the form of MIKUBOOK.com. For all those who got in early: congratulations… but you’ll have to re-register all over again due to a system error. As the “Very Early Beta!”-sign suggests, this website may still come and go, as well as having additional features in the near future, so stay tuned!

Info from MIKUBOOK.com:

MIKUBOOK makes more fun to discover your next favorites by sharing your like with VOCALOID fans all over the world !

You can browse around things (BETA ver. only shows video) related to VOCALOID such as Hatsune Miku, and recommend new things for the others.

How does MIKUBOOK work?
Once you’ve “fave” a video, MIKUBOOK starts to show new videos you may like on your stream.

Not like just another automatic recommend system, videos are also recommened directly by other VOCALOID fans.

Knows songs other users probably do not know but they may like? If so, “Recommend”!

With “Recommend”, you can suggest new video for people have same taste,”If like this, you may like this. “- the way you do with your friends!

The More “fave”s and “Recommend”s, the more fun with MIKUBOOK!!!

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