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【BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME】 Big update!Alien & Record Systems、Twitter icon Ver2+Comiket information goods

Hello everyone


Character pages Alien has OPEN。
They areAs a messenger from the alienInvasion Earth 2032 AD begins
BRS wake up in the 2051 yearSurvival of humanity is just 12、
In oikonde humanity that And far
Do they went to invade Earth in order to see what it
Then、Why are they、BRS locateChase or
Every story is told in the gameCheck the movie first


Stage of this work is the 2051 Earth ADThe stage throughout the earth、BRS circulates missing
The world is divided into several stagesPre-capture stage can be played many times butMultiple missions for each stagestoryand are available
Each mission has been to fill the 16 available records
You can acquire the skills that fill 1 record for each BRS
The special ability or alertnessYou can get various benefits or
The progress of the game tsumattara、Fill in the record is not yet filled
Exploits may be good way to strengthen BRS

Twitter icon Version2 has been published
This timeBRSコスチュームチョイス Icon by the hand of CHAN×CO was responsible for the character illustrations inPlease try to use us to download

HoweverWe have gotten a lot for your applications
Than expected number of visitsAre in charge of character design on the number of votes CHAN×CO「Puchitto★Rock Shooter」 you started working as a team
Anythingdepending on the order of voting、「Puchitto★Rock Shooter」 and I think the implementation of a new avatar。(Order of votingmany seem to affect the order

For details 「Puchitto★Rock Shooter」 Management of team
Since the report againthank you

RPGPuchitto★Rock Shooter and over are
Click here to start the game
The use requires the ID of the video Niko Niko

CHECK_RPGComiket 80 BRS Information Goods
August 12FriAugust14(Sunfor 3 daysto be held at Tokyo Big Sight
Comiket 80Company will be sold at the booth West 4F
「B★RS THE GAME」Here are the original products of the related

■ブースNo.231 ufotable

●「B★RS THE GAME」Opening Animation
Official Complete Book

OP original animation that worked ufotableCovering almost a storyboard
Packed with illustrations and interviews of staff further messages
A5 size deluxe hardcover deluxe edition。2,000 copies limited edition

●「B★RS THE GAME」Awa Odori Fan

Kagawa specialties fan MarugameveteranShikoku Fanby collaborating with
Honkaku-tekina uchi wa。In addition to the sale of Tokushimaonly 1,000 copies sold in Comiket


Checkerboard pattern And the same fanfinished in a black dish。1,000 copies limited edition

●「B★RS THE GAME」Poster in

OP Glossy posters of processing Ashiraeta impressive animated scenes
Tube classy。2,000 copies limited edition

■ブースNo.646 ニコニコ直販

●「B★RS THE GAME」Comiket 80 SetLimited set of events
Following 3 itemsLimited set of original venue Shopper

・BRS Original telephone card
Drawn by hukeBRS is a picture of a bunny wearing a rare Geki

Custom T-Shirts
Original T-shirt with the package illustration

Original Sports Towel
Shine a blue towel the image of the BRS in fire monotone eye

August 25, 2011、PSP、「Black★Rock Shooter」appeared



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