Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

In PS HOME、BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME such sale figures!(From 25, 20:00)

Hello everyone
Black Rock Shooter - THE GAME」

Today、at PlayStation(R)HOME、「BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER -  THE GAME」 ill begin the first of goods sold, beginning with the figures
Second phase will start on September 1 is scheduled to be cut as special costumes and costume figures

クリックRPGPlayStation(R) HOMEとは?

PS HOMEについて詳しくはこちらをクリックしてご覧ください。

CHECK_RPGPossible change of clothes! BRS-T-shirt series

Here、at HOME、item can be clothes for your avatar

BRS Poster T-shirtFree

BRS T-shirt for men(100 yen

GRAY T-shirt for men(100 yen

WRS T-shirt for men(100 yen
Male_white rock_T-shirt.jpg

BRS Poster Women's T-shirtfree

BRS T-shirts for women(100 yen)

GRAY T-shirts for women(100 yen)

WRS T-shirts for women(100 yen)
Female_white rock_T-shirt.jpg

Dressing as an itemfor the next weekwe plan to start selling off a set of costume will BRS!Enjoy

CHECK_RPGCan be installed! Figure Series

Here is a fun item to have established a personal lounge
And figure series
Please enjoy looking at from every angle

BRS figures(250 yen)

GRAY figures(250 yen)

WRS figures(250 yen)

On September 1will start sales of special costumes and figures will set BRS。
Stay tuned

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