Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

【BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME】Mini-Games:BRS(CV:Maaya Sakamoto)Kikiippatsu!Published!

Hello everyone


Today、「Black ★ Rock Shooter Kikiippatsu!」mini-game that was released
Eirian・nafe(CV:Asami Shimodato confront
Nana(CV:Miyuki Sawashiroreclaim itsWhat it has

Eirian・nafe that appear in this mini-gamethe game appeared in the game
What kind of a character togetherlet's check in the first mini-game
Comeplease try to play

IncidentallyBlack ★ Rock Shooter Kikiippatsu!」that is responsible for character design、「Black ★ Rock Shooter Puchittofamiliar in character design、CHAN×CO。
It also means you can play for free baseI try to play please

RPGBlack ★ Rock Shooter and Puchitto is it
Starting the game is here
The use requires the ID of the video smiling

AnotherReleased last Sun「BRS costume choice」but、
Heroine certainin an overwhelming…the…everyone votes on the user's organizationAlso trough
The cohesion is not that impressed, but you soon
Race is also very interesting because it is visible results.
Shouldwhen they become is a pince-nez
try to offer an additional gift to everyone in the user's newI think
Also、「Black Rock Shooter Puchittoin
Heroine certainnon-costume vote ranking
Something or might have important implicationsand the operation broke tweet


The reference above us comeLet's vote the organization
Thank you

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