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【BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME】Publishing & Events Video Games to market

Hello everyone

Everyonethank you for waiting
Black Rock Shooter - THE GAME」is the movie playing
広報見習 いまおか isdirectornew store Kazuyahuke original
Will be sent together

There are video at the end of Gifting

Black Rock Shooter - THE GAME 30秒CM

CHECK_RPG「BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME」Event Schedule for Release

RPG「BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME」Official Live Niko Nikocelebrate the release decision

Nafe's role as a special guest voiceAsami Shimoda's welcome
Representative Image Epochexpand talk interspersed with Yoshie Mikage
広報見習 いまおか will also participate!)

Published ahead of other video gamesand gift treasures viewers goods
So please send us in our planning, etc

Program NameBLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME Celebrate the release Live
Broadcast DateAug. 23(Tue)17:30~18:30 schedule
Nafe's role Asami Shimoda
Representative Image Epoch Yoshie Mikage
Now put the other apprentice relations
ID Programwill be announced once determined

RPGCollaboration Cafe Limited Edition「B★RS THE GAME CAFE」new item appeared

Worked on OP animation ufotable Café collaboration with the limited time cafe
「B★RS THE GAME CAFE」in、OP animationProduction and exhibition of original drawings of various
Original limited menulimited time sale of original goods
Mats have been distributed to other specialties fresh from this week
Next week, from 23 limited edition postcards original volume of OP animation

DurationAugust 31Wednesdayuntil ※Closed on Mondays
VenueTokyoKoenji and TokushimaTokushima のufotable CAFE
Special Official Sitehttp://www.ufotable.com/cafe/tokyo/gallery/brs/index.html

RPGAir strikes Is prizes! TokyoMemorial draw launched in Akihabara
Tokyo on the day of saleIn Akihabara
Win a raffle will be held a rare event restricted goods
Colored paper and signed T-shirt design Huke Maaya Sakamotoand clear the file
Chance to get the original item

Event NameMemorial draw sale
DateAugust 25Thu) 10:00~19:00
VenueTokyoAkihabara Club Sega Akihabara Annex

PrizesConditions for participationtarget stores and more details こちら

RPGAnimelo Summer Live 2011 -rainbow- in「orijinaru kakigooriappeared

To curb Saitama Super Arena
Good Smile Company booth set up a tent
Booth in the tent at『B★RS THE GAME』original ice「BRS」「WRS」the
Salesand exhibits are made of figures
OtherIndian CuisineIn collaboration with Indian Pavilion
Black Rock Curry」(with buttons OVA Versiontoo

Event nameAnimelo Summer Live 2011 -rainbow-
DateAugust 27Sat)、August 28(Suneach day, Opening 14:00curtain 16:00
VenueSaitama Super Arena and curb
You can drop by even more out of the park do not have ticketsSelling shaved ice and Curry are scheduled to start at 9)
Official Sitehttp://pc.animelo.jp/anisama/2011/rainbow/

RPGGood company in Chara 2011 & Booth at Max Factory、2 played BRS dream!?

Japan's largest character Festival of HobbiesChara 2011 C3×HOBBY」
Good Smile Company Booth Max Factory is in
「B★RS THE GAME」in PV in addition to screenings
Figma version of the game imposed BRS「BRS2035」(will be released in Decemberand
figma Original Illustrations and appendix huke「BRSB」(will be released January 2012a special exhibition

Event NameChara 2011 C3×HOBBY
DateAugust 27Sat)、August 28(Suneach day 10 :00~17:15(schedule
VenueChibaMakuhari Messe International Exhibition Center 1・2・3 hall
Official sitehttp://www.chara-hobby.com/

RPGGood Smile cafe in『B★RS THE GAME』in the corner installation

Good Smile in a cafe、「B★RS THE GAME」appears 's Is special section
Figma shipped with the original game「WRS」and other exhibits can be viewed in PV
Original menuBlack Rock Curryavailable in a limited quantity

DateAugust 28Sunday)to
LocationChibaMatsudoGood Smile Cafein
Official Sitehttp://www.goodsmilecafe.jp/

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