Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

Mikupa♪ - On-site product sales*『OSTER project meeting&handed handshake』*held!

Mikupa♪ dayProduct Salesbooth at the animate

OSTER project 2nd Album『Cinnamon Philosophy』Meeting participants will be given a ticket to shake hands with purchases
Special product sales booth at the venue、OSTER project HandshakeFurthermore, for free autographs
Of course the person will be given
The number of participants is limited, so ticketsyou would like to soon!!


May 16、when the time product sales and product sales before the curtain after the opening 17 on both days
(Mikupa♪ time will not be conducted in concert
Join uswe look forward!!
Retouched or colored paper to give your name to ussuch as CD can lead to signs of congestion and other venuesthere is a risk of inconvenience for customers aroundhumbled appreciate your cooperation will match the subject You

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