Senin, 26 September 2011

【Black★Rock Shooter - THE GAME】 Machiasobi de 『B★RS THE GAME』 Get The Original Postcard!

Hello everyone
「Black★Rock ShooterTHE GAME」

“Tokushima o asobi tsukusu” theme thatthe anime currently being held around the website Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture
Entertainment complex events of the game Machiasobi


『Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME』in
One of the project of this event 「とくしまグルメハント」 is participating in

CHECK_RPGB★RS 「anoappeared illustrationsToku shima gurumehanto!!

「Toku shima gurumehanto」is、a stamp rally events Eating out in restaurants to expand the target of all 21 shops in the city of Tokushima
What different for each shopa varietyof game animation workI get the original postcard
What you get postcards at the store whichis fun secret!)

Incidentally 『B★RS』 illustrations are
Last Sun 「kosuchuumuchoisu」 BRS heroine of certain costs that were impressive in winning 1 place・・・!


Arriving in Machiasobiplease join us

Official Site Machiasobi

Gurumehanto nitsuite、Learn More

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