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【BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER】 - Signed T-Shirt ・winners announced our plan presents such a large fan!

Hello everyone
「Black★Rock Shooter -  THE GAME」

CHECK_RPGBlack★Rock Shooter - THE GAME Video GamesWe let me be giving notice of election results live only on Niko Niko

Now put apprentice relations twitterアカウント More、 September 12, 2011 (Monday) was allowed to send direct mail to people with winners
I look forward to check

RPGBe giving a limited first step huke.Fans who signed
Published on August 17, 2011 【ブラック★ロックシューター THE GAME プレイ動画】 at、for our viewersLimited Time Black★Rock Shooter - THE GAME huke the character design. Fans who present a signed(to our 3) we carried out planning
(※present application period, we have finished)

B★RS THE GAME プレイ動画 huke.氏サイン入り うちわ
B★RS THE GAME プレイ動画 huke.氏サイン入り うちわ ②

This project was done in conjunction with twittertotal 783 applicants what name
Apply for your interestThank you very much!!

RPG2nd be giving the PSP Limited Special Edition・Nafe-yakuNafe's T-shirt signed by Asami Shimoda special!!
Was broadcast on August 22, 2011 【ブラック★ロックシューター THE GAME 発売記念生放送!】 so、until last visit to our showPSP version of special decorations B★RS (to our 1) and、ナフェ役 Nafe's autographed T-shirt special Nafe-yaku Shimoda Asami (to our 4) presents a plan implemented
(※broadcastwe present application period has been completed)
2011年8月23日・B★RS THE GAME 発売記念ニコ生プレゼント
B★RS Special Edition PSP
Nafe special T-shirt
Asami Shimoda's autograph

From March 22 Broadcast Date Black★Rock Shooter - THE GAME 25th release date
Despite the slight was the application periodapplicants will total 806 names
Also a lot of our applicants, Thank you very much!!

We think a lot of planning in the future
Join usWe are waiting

August 25, 2011、PSP、「Black★Rock Shooter」 appeared





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