Selasa, 08 November 2011

"Cosplay Gen" -super cool cosplay magazine visited Crypton's office!!

Freshly arrived from the printers, Cosplay Gen #04 invites you to discover the wonderful stories of cosplayers and photographers from all he corners of the world, presenting you with names such as Yuegene Fay (TH), Kira Winter (CH), Hagaren (CH), Meagan Marie (USA), or Shuichi Shindou (RU), among others.

You will also have the chance to read about KANAME’s (JP) history as a cosplayer and his view about this hobby in his own words, while various cosplay-related articles will take you from the J-Rockoco period, to an alternative Victorian era of Steampunk. Tutorial-wise, you will find out how to style a Ichihara Yuuko wig to play the stylish xXx HoLic character, or how to sew the shirt and tie for the costume of Kisaragi Saya from Blood-C - and this is not all. These are only a few highlights of all the goodies waiting to be discovered in Cosplay Gen #4, from profiles to interviews, from brand new columns to event reviews, and many others.

Cover: KANAME☆ (JP)

Tabel of Contents

Review: Supanova Sydney 2011

Profile: Bellatrix Aiden (UA)

DIY: Wig Styling Tutorial

Profile: Meagan Marie (US)

Interview: Kira Winter (UA/CH)

Article: J-Rock Cosplay

Cover Story: KANAME☆ (JP)

Community’s Choice

Interview: Yuegene Fay (TH)

Costume Showcase: Aura Rinoa

Article: Steampunk Cosplay

DIY: Shirt and Tie Tutorial

DIY: Painting Lace and Vinyl Application

Profile: Hagaren (CH)

DIY: Make-Up Tutorial

Review: UppCon 2011 (SE)

We always appreciate a helping hand from all of you. If you like what you see and what you read, just spread the word; and for those interested in promoting Cosplay Gen #4 online, be it on the personal webpage, blog, Facebook or deviantART page, Twitter account or other means.

sources : Cosplay Gen #04

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