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☆ 『Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai』 It's are a release of March 08, 2012 ☆

Todaysoftware for the Nintendo 3DS 『Project mirai(tentative)』 will help you with new information

Determine the full namerelease date
The official title of this work、『Project mirai(tentative)』 revised
Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project miraidecided to

Date care will is March 08, 2012
Regrets saying! Games that are released every Thursday of the base

Price over ¥ 6,090 including tax

Also determines the release of limited edition luxury!!

Limited Edition Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai puchi puku pakkuis also determined launched
Here is another of the gamesPuchi Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Project mirai Ver.Well、“Project mirai pukupuku dekoshiiru” and “Project mirai pukupuku kuriinaaordered specifications and luxurious ship with the items cute and so on

This is Puchi Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Project mirai Ver.”。
It is announced on stage at the Tokyo Game Show 2011
Breathe in a cute Miku's dazzling


The limited edition is limited because of the numberplease try your reservations early
he offer includes design are subject to change without noticePlease note

AlrightNext up is the game delivers a new information of interest

Change is more fun vocal What if spread over

In this work、with some songs that are represented by the introduction of PV polygon charactersthe characters can change the vocals
In addition to appearance、and change the voice of the character that Chaimasu vocals

For example 「torikorooru・Ea・Rain」 if
The original "Hatsune Miku:Version singing" Besides、Kagamine Rin、Megurine Luka、with MEIKO
I have included a version of singing
Enjoy it 2 time、3 timeNo more than 10 times and spread

Recorded music as a new public Chaimasu

Yes! The following information is recorded a new song
Here first!

(Music and Lyrics by atsu zoo-kun


Samba fashionable taste masterpieces
Arrange a route from Brazil joined the French line
Just a little new Torikorooru・ea・rainEnjoy

(Music and Lyrics by mothy)


That Akunomusumecan do it
A fascinating heroine in the tragedywhich played by Rin-chan Nendoroid
Evil under the supervision of mothy_悪ノP、a unique world
I expressed to the gorgeous picture-book colors

『LOL -lots of laugh-』
(Music by Ken / Lyrics by Endokeipu / illustrated by Honyara-ra / Animation by Poeyama / directed by Shi-jigen P


Cute and stylish “mikunopoppu” popular songs
The original PV was talking about the transcendent qualitybest imposed in 3D

The costumes are full of color appeared Miku's us

Colorful characters who appeared in costume appeared Miku
“Mojuuru” is not so Well、“kosuchuumu” is
Designed by creative team, including the gorgeousI that contains a variety of costumes
Some of them described here

Torikorooru・ea・rain」(Designed by Asahi)

<Hatsune Miku>

<Kagamine Rin>

<Megurine Luka>


Akunomusume」(Designed by Ichi Ka


You do

I will be recording a lot and I have over this costume

『初音ミク and Future Stars Project mirai』公式HPはコチラ

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