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Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade:「DIVA Ticket」11/17(Thursday) from distribution!

Hello everyone every day!Desu。


Well the title 「DIVA Ticket」 for your description sashiagemashou!

Here are simpleand feel like

You can get tickets for 1 day if you play 1
The day will be granted only 1 day but what you play

When the target screen is here
Click to enlarge

Get pre-screen, is her
Click to enlarge

Can be replaced with the following: Click here for tickets and in DIVA.NET
・vp(4 tickets = 50vp)
Skin(8~12 ticket=1Skin
Decoration title(2~6 title = 1ticket
Currently, only the trailing Deco titles

Replacement screen looks like this
Click to enlarge

NanzoNanzoMotto kuwashiku

SkinsDIVA.NETの始め方マンガ Miss N versatile painter drew our familiar with the network burst into Miku'scan win a skin

Miku's only
…No、 I is not no not that

The other characters of course and burst into networkmay Skins
There is a DIVA WEB official start date ticket itemsto be placed on the field so fun

Deco is back with the title
increased the number of characters in the Name field to plain ver.A Rev.3 this is actually order

Looks like this。↓

In factsome are in the picture above will be added to promote the exchange and new titlesMonorashii the sentence that is addictiveToka not solve anythingYou have a little fun Serve

Just play 1 daya world of possibilities
Tickets are such DIVA


Distribution from the start
Please try all means to collect tickets
Will continue to be added / future expansion variety
Please expect us

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