Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

For additional VOCALOID character can be submitted Piapro


For speech synthesis software VOCALOID characterfollowing our original vendor of your product licenseso you can post your creations to Piapro each character's secondarywill be announced

MewReleaseSale Yamaha customers
CULProjectour logic Bocas Revolution Production CommitteeReleaseSaleour Internet Inc.
結月ゆかりCurator:VOCALOMAKETS、ReleaseSaleour AHS Ltd.

Similar to the above productswe will not have the rightcharacters are not posted on the original work and to Piaprofor characters that can be posted to Piapurosummarized as a list it in the following pageplease see fit

For other characters can posthttp://piapro.jp/license/other_character_guideline

Alsoon sale alreadyeven regarding the character of the product VOCALOID scheduled to be released nowand the like will be posted to Piapro at any timeso we continue to negotiate nowwith regard to these for your patience now、thank you

Sothank you to Piapro future

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