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Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade:Announcement of the contest for December

Now for another few time 前回お知らせした it is published modules
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Nowour subject
This is the third timeTotal degree of difficulty of the contest appeared Greetings
See below

The Third Contest gauge the degree of difficulty
Date :2011/12/07(Wed)~2011/12/19(Mon
Our problem :4 tracks total rate of COOL
Courses Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
Challenges :Beginner:4 songs total of 16 or more chosen such that
Intermediate :4 songs total of 22 or more chosen such that
Advanced:4 songstotal of 30 or more chosen such that
Note :Difficulty Beginners 「★1~★5」 from the song selection
Difficulty Challenges 「★4~★7」 from the song selection
Difficulty Advanced 「★6~★9」 from the song selection

Beloware the last notes of the same。※Note however that it was COOL Percent rate!>


4 Gold rate the song COOL/Silver/Copper aims to reward partial traditional same contest Howevera limitation is that the choice of music

My name and with what restrictions4 songs quota levelsmore than the number
 So have to selectlimit

For example, not beginners
 ★1~★5 So choose fromFor example, in 4 pieces 1+5+5+5=16 called
 If the song selection the condition becomes more than a total of 16 clear
 COOL awards so make your decision machigaenaki rate

Furthermoreit is music selectorchoose 1 track ★ 1 in the above example and say
 Track 2 is after only★5 will not automatically displaychoose the wrong
 「Murijan also finished firstA collapsed!」 called must be
 Please worry

Does this mean that the allocation difficultyStrategy Called is required


Public silver's annual awards now

Beginner Skin silver awards
Megurine Luka Design (SILVER) designed by SEGA

Intermediate Skin silver awards
Outsider (SILVER) designed by Torigoe Takumi

Advanced Skin silver awards
Mirror of fen-fire festival (SILVER) designed by Fukuroo

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