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【KarenT】ELECTROCUTICA、Ozu(tanshokuP)、Tera Komuro P delivery!


ELECTROCUTICA 『Aquila』、Ozu(tanshokuP)『piano android』、Tera Komuro P 『Stardust』became the title of 3 start delivery

『piano android』

Tera Komuro P

ELECTROCUTICA 『Aquila』 previous work 『Re:quiem [Melas]』 is a new work from 2 monthsBefore we make 『ARCA』 and、previous work 『Re:quiem [Melas]』 from、I think many in the music I was impressed by the engineering designHowever, this work 『Aquila』 is a song evokes the ability to take actionMore prudent decision there is usually intelligencesuddenly started to move activeyou will not recall the image of being like thisTo more deeply、『Re:quiem [Melas]』、『ARCA』 of course 『REVERSUS』 recommends that emerge from exposure to background music has been produced, such as ELECTROCUTICA。Magnificent view of the world in a series of 『Aquila』 or the songs have a sense of whatwhy do not think
『a song for your melancholic sleep』 Ozu a month and 1 year (Tanshoku P)new 『piano android』。Recently cram every soundthe music has finished more denselyDue to it's audience by concentrating your attention on the earscut off contact with the outside worldI tend to induce a temporary escapist experienceHoweverby accepting your music sound sloppy sounds of nature and lifemusic has become a realistic creations and even music to enjoy as part of itFor example, Tr.2「mirai」 While listeningplease try the evening walking around the streets nearbySightsmellcolorbirth and various other auditory stimuli affect sensory stimuli and movement senseyou should probably meet very wonderful music experience
Chamber for Tera Komuro P new song 『Stardust』! Previous work 『call me』and a month from releaseSpeaking chamber for Tera Komuro P、90's country music scene symbolized the ultimate in prosperity "Komuro sound" but it reminds us familiar with the sound and visual systemthis 『Stardust』 90 Sound Moson I delight inVisual image of the system that is more often heard was not a special visual-kei fans are clean sound even fleetingly those that contain the essence of light pophas become a state。And、Tera Komuro P chamber a world of eclectic pop world clean and bright even fleetingly reminiscent of the nostalgia I spent the late 1990s, especially with music、 『Stardust』 immersed in the feeling nostalgic please try listening to
More songs、You can listen to songs from the details page

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