Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

【KarenT】Heavenz 5 Title I start delivery!

HelloThe delivery of today's announcement
Heavenz-san 『Yurameku』、『Moosoo deitorippaa』、『Just call my name』、『Imitation』、『Puranetariumu』 will start with five titles for delivery

『Moosoo deitorippaa』
『Just call my name』

Work together in a single delivery 5 each song's karaoke with Heavenz

『Yurameku』is VOCALOID Hatsune Miku is spelled out the theme of rock balladsA telling melody sorrowwill heap up the sound of orchestras such as stringsplayed when the will to sing all togetherpeople seem to be tears of gratitudeMiku is a song I first announced HeavenzI think many of you who are impressed with a shocking pieceMiku will say anything、mebaetara sentimental feelings that someday joy and sing away if metmight be recruited to sing a love like this。『Moosoo deitorippaa』 is a lively rock and popEver-changing code is a refreshing fun 1 song I will not miss listening to the last burst of piano and guitar care soreImpressive sound of the tube labeled with the numbers a little loose 『Just call my name』 in、And what had torikaeshitai surechigatte selfish but said that his "Just call my name" and criedThis work would recommend to people in loveHis 4 was a heavy gothic rock 『Imitation』。Made and that the Western mindtry to focus on another type of tune a little rough and what ever。『Puranetariumu』is a poignant ballad Summer Dark Miku Hatsune singing around the piano to be expanded。"You become a star" of a bridge connecting it to the memoriesSad that I have a quiet night skyThe climax of magnificent chorus full of emotionas if to feel cuddled me softly sublime is probably a little easier and should help you listen! It's Heavenz Please enjoy the music on this opportunity

Please come hear songs I can listen to the details page

Then also

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