Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

「Tell Your World」(livetune)decision today & the delivery of J-WAVEA full ban in the first

Posted on YouTube 「Hatsune Miku×Chrome」with video collaboration、「Google Chrome “web of yourLet's get down。” Campaign CM song」 is、「Tell Your World」(livetune) has become a hot topicaccording to the information、「January 18, 2012(Wed) from iTues Store、Playing in Rekochoku decisionhas been announced as well thatIn addition、「12/28(Wed):J-WAVE「HELLO WORLD 」22:00-23:45」 seems to have also been announced that the ban on the first full version

livetune「話題のGoogle Chrome “あなたのウェブを、はじめよう。” キャンペーン CMソングの配信が決定!」


livetune「「Tell Your World」のフルヴァージョン初解禁情報!!!」i

Created Keiichi Motoyama a creative director for Hakuhodo interactivenotes so as not to have said in interviews

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