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CD 『VOCALO TEARS feat.Hatsune Miku』 『VOCALO SMILE feat.Hatsune Miku』 simultaneous release!!


Today 1/18(Wed)『VOCALO TEARS feat.Hatsune Miku』 and 『VOCALO SMILE feat.Hatsune Miku』 will be released simultaneously!!


Cover illustration of what was popular from the movie here Niko Niko
『Yuzu』 etc. He has a CD designthe top form
IllustratorAki Aka-on-shi ni yoru

『VOCALO TEARS feat.Hatsune Miku』

Collection of moving songs、"crying song" The ultimate system

Cry the theme 「shinpaku-suu#0822」、「-ai think so,」、「Ni、hanataba o-tearsMIX-」、「tsunaidate」、「kokoro-mikuver-」 also recorded songs such as first all 15 songs, including the rich
Old and new songs from Hall of FameHall of Fame is Niko Niko up rave music videos that do not cry
Special collection of songs touching compilation

『VOCALO SMILE feat.Hatsune Miku』

With a smile"up"the definitive

 The theme of smiles 「watashi no sekai」、「oshiete!!Mahoo no Lyric」、「okotowarishimasu」、「Arrow ofLove」、「kurumi☆pon chi o」 All 14 songs full of high quality finish!!
Old and new songs from Hall of FameHall of Fame as a special music rises to an exhaustive compilation does not

Both Full Moon from
¥1,980 yen(tax includedat the sale

Nanto~tsu!Hatsune Miku 1/24 Release Weekly ASCIIand now standing on the cover of it
Zaimasutsu Congratulations

Some of these pages article about train travel in the Snow Miku last year

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