Senin, 16 Januari 2012

COOKPAD in 「hatsune miku to tabetai 【itameshi】」 is apparently of registered

According to the informationsimply delicious recipes all sites 「COOKPAD」 and、「hatsune miku to tabetai itameshi】」 as well it has recipesIn fact、「-choo negi no mi~tsu kumi ku itameseems to have become a character image in that recipes using leeksIn additionApart from that、「☆hachune miku bentoo☆」 has recipes that are postedand here it has become a character called valves


COOKPAD「【お弁当】 ☆はちゅねミク弁当☆ 」


Hatsune miku to tabetaiitameshi】」 says the person who posted DMJas a character image Other Recipes、「gdgd yoosei s」「keion!」「Orenoimootogakon'nanikawaiiwakeganaietc. interested people so that it will try to post here



Author blogs and sites that would
刺激ビリビリ(The Biribiri Fantasy)「同人誌、完成!」

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