Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

Entered Hatsune Miku 「Capsule figures New Chitose Airport Limited」 is presented in news programs

A Hokkaido specialtyA Hokkaido specialtsalmon AramakiSapporo Clock Towerkitakitsune of snowsnow sculpture Sapporo Snow Festivalberth Hokutosei expresssoup and curry Ajanta CharacterVocalSeries「Hatsune Miku」(with Snow Miku) a limited capsule Figures Kaiyodo lineup is the New Chitose Airport (300 yen) Foraccording to the information、「Ichioshi of January 20on the show that was about 1 minutethe news was broadcast in Hokkaido souvenir figures。」「Ichioshi! to the 「popular virtual idol born in Hokkaido」 It is kotorashiihe saysApart from thisas well as articles have been featured in several news sitesIn addition新千歳空港限定カプセルフィギュアの特設サイト the report seems to come as well

MSN産経ニュース「海洋堂フィギュアが北海道みやげに 時計台に初音ミク」
WEBみんぽう「北海道フィギュアみやげ 新千歳空港内で販売開始」


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