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Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade:Notice of additional songs for January


Continued to the end of various big announcement、「Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade」。

We finally Contest Second Call Music」 desoroimasu all the songs
The songs are added


This song is added 5 songs below

High School Days - DIVA EDIT
Music by U-ji(Reichoo P) / Lyrics by U-SUKE
Illustration by Okahijiki / chip character designed by Tsumire
PV edited by Takeraku

Life Lost
Music & Lyrics by TOKOTOKO(Nishizawa P)
Illustration by Guraidaa
PV edited by siraki

Music by hmtk / Lyrics by Kumaa@Taken
Illustration by Temari
PV edited by mistieue

Let's do harm!!
Music & Lyrics by Shujin P
Illustration by Nekonomimiko
PV edited by Ju

Flowers Tokyo Tsukuyomi monthly (Hanamai tsukuyomi tan)
Music by Hoskey / Lyrics by Yukie Dong
Illustration by Yun kage
PV edited by Mashiro

The introduction movie to say that traditional music。Please check it

to those produced by the PV DIVA 2nd time also(AC own effectsare performed
It's part of it please stay tuned

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