Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

KEI with sei-ga from his cartoon Niko Niko 「CR COMICS selection」 delivery

According to the informationand smiling at the last name、「Monthly Comic Rushwas serialized in mission box Hatsune Miku」(Comics:KEI)「ko piha n」(Comics:KEI)「servant of evil」(draft:mothy_ano P、cartoonNekoyamamiyaothat have been delivered and free from selection

ニコニコ静画「CR COMICS セレクション」

[http://www.jive-ltd.co.jp] e-book Comic Rush Monthly』[http://comic-rush.jp/]popular titles on sale at the Unofficial Hatsune Miku mix box maker』『servant of Evil』『ko piha n - Battle of the sheath and Sha Yu - read manga! 『Hatsune Miku unofficial mission box makerko piha n - Battle of the sheath and Sha Yu -From、 the carefully selected stories、『servant of Evil is a story we go to occasionally update 1 !! Bokarofan、KEI comics fan selection is worth checking unbearable!!

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