Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

May 27 The Bokaroonri in Taiwan 「VOCAWORLD-01」 held

According to the informationIn Taiwan on May 27, 2012 「VOCAWORLD-01」 as the number of booths that will also be held in Boca event log only about 48OrganizerI do not think Taiwanese love MACiA Bokaro



February 04, 2012、5 daysat China's Chengdu Chengdu ComicParty  coterie exchange meetingbut that the event will be heldaccording to the peer professional blogs、「to attend the event・・・5,000 stickers only stylish hereCould be!」 Note it says that

ピアプロブログ「【ブログTOP】SNOW MIKU 2012!バレンタイン!節分!な2月のブログTOPイラスト募集開始!」

DateFebruary 04, 2012、5 days
Event Name: 成都(Chengdu)ComicPartyAdmission: 25 yuan
fficial site http://scparty.com/Industry participation:COSPA、ANIMATE、WACOM other

成都ComicParty 同人交流会

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