Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

【SNOW MIKU 2012】JR Hokkaido 「Snow Miku☆commemorative ticket」released!

Nanto~tsu!from JR Hokkaido、「SNOW MIKU 2012」 according to・・・
「Snow Miku☆Commemorative ticket」 and 「Snow Miku☆free pass now after being released

In thatI can introduce their details

【Snow Miku☆Commemorative Ticket 120117_15.jpg

Here SEGA game will be released from 3DS 『Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai』 which appeared in
JR Hokkaido commemorative ticket was designed characters
In the original liner with cute with eight ticketsa limited edition sucking unobtainable never miss the Snow Festival

In additionthe results here are all the numbers shake
We will sell 10,000 setsduring the 「3939(MikuMiku)」 I have at Toka sucking
「3939」 You certainly got the numbers are lucky enough to know

【Miku Snow☆Free Pass 120117_16.jpg
New Chitose JR Airport StationBetween Otaru Station JR appeared free path can freely get on and off
Mount with the original Snow Miku is cute

Here a very pretty design、Tripshots (トリップショッツ) we pride ourselves on making your way
Speaking as you know Tripshots、SEGA『Project DIVA Arcade』 n charge of housing design

We also SEGA game will be released from 3DS 『Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai』 material advantage
Very cute、miryoku-tekina dezain ni shiagete itadakimashita☆mihiraki no daishi wa gōkana shiagaridesu♪
Our Tripshotsthank you for your cooperation

※「Snow Miku☆commemorative ticketSnow is the only ticket purchaseNo attempt has been included in the tour price

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