Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

【SNOW MIKU 2012】「Snow Miku nendoroid fuwafuwa kooto Ver.」 Additional Information!

「Snow Miku nendoroid fuwafuwa kooto Ver.」


Good Smile Company 「Snow Miku nendoroid fuwafuwa kooto Ver.」 Is
As everyone knowsis a figure too cute Nendoroid

Here is、「SNOW MIKU 2012」 is being sold at the event venue・・・!

:¥4,000(tax included

Point of sale

Sapporo Factory Hall

Unit sales
Number of Participants TOP TOUR Official Tourism Sales
:1,000 units
General sales quantity
:2,000 pieces
Sales Schedule
February 11, 2012
(Sat)・February 12(Sun)10:00~14:00
TOP TOUR Official Tour participants exchange sales

Ticket distribution
February10, 2012(Fri)16:00 - / February 11, 2012(Sat)16:00 -

General sales quantity
each day 1,000 of limited edition
Up to 1 per person
Will be discontinued as soon as the current day and lost

General sales tickets will be distributed the day before each sale


The gateway to Hokkaidothe New Chitose Airport!!
Events and exhibits at the New Chitose Airportperforms a variety of activities
Information watts will be published from time to time to enjoy it

The next venue will be revealed here at last・・・!

The new venueNew Chitose Airportand revealed、「SNOW MIKU 2012」the sheer size of the event I hope you'll find!? That's rightIn order to conquer all events large and required considerable back and forth is not a
Mood seeking information on our events such domination
We'll make them easier to traverse between the centersNew Chitose Airport StationSapporo StationUnlimited rides between Otaru Station 「Snow Miku☆free passI have a tour with Free
Please apply to us before it is filled book

The tour included is here

High Quality Cosplay Magazine Romania 「Cosplay Gen」 and our 「mikubook」 collaboration

Everyone here is a cosplaycontest Camecosuch as Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin・Len
We apply our blurring site profile Character Costume picturesdecide who is there to vote on all win
Apply until February 12, 2012
The winners are a wonderful gift andthere are wonderful benefits that such a magazine

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