Senin, 23 Januari 2012

「THE TOP TENS」 in 「singer OP London Olympics」 article karameta to vote overseas

Voting sites 「THE TOP TENS」 in 「Who wants to sing at the opening ceremony of the Olympics to be held in London in 2012?」 In the unofficial vote、now 「Hatsune Miku」 is 16%~17% has been off the charts at # 1according to sourcessome overseas sitesthat have published an article with this karameta

Firstinternational sports sites 「bleacher report」 in the articlehere is the biggest football tournament Super BowlBetween half-time show 「Hatsune Miku」 is recommending, including the five it seemsAnother、 articlehere is 「THE TOP TENS」

 Super Bowl 2012:half time show five now be considered
bleacher report「Super Bowl 2012: 5 Future Halftime Shows That Should Be Considered」

Hatsune Miku topping 2012 Olympics poll
ZDNET「Virtual idol Hatsune Miku topping 2012 Olympics poll」

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