Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Wanhobi 15 in「min'na de tsukurou mikuaato!」project advertised

February 12, 2012(Sun)held in the「WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU 15」For、according to the information、「min'na de tsukurou mikuaato!」has been announced as well that the planning applicationWhat is、「Good Smile CompanyPhoto of the figures produced by Crypton Vocaloid has been handling the (200×200 pixels or higher recommended)to postresulting Monorashiku a combination of these giant mosaic artthe process it is also to be published from time to time。「1 Post each 100 yen(limit 10,000 min)Good Smile Company is planning a charity『Cheerful JAPAN!』Will be donated to local governments as a donation to the East through the earthquake。」


We welcome everyone to post

The application period
January 25, 2012 (Wed) ~ February 12, 2012 (Sun) to 15:00
May be terminated upon completion of mosaic art

Complete picture presented Mikuato
February 12 (Sun) 16:00 appointment
min'na de tsukurou mikuaato!」is February 12, 2012(Sun)in the Wonder Festival to be held on「WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 15」monitor in the booth finished at 16:00!(You can browse a special website。)Additional day is done at nightasamade-sei wanhobi TV 11We will announce it!(www.whl4u.jp/mikuart/



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