Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

NikoNiko Anime Special once broadcasting BRS・「Screening+talk show in gu~tsu tetsu cafe」 also determined!

Link noitamina.png

March 22 Thu) at 21:30~、『Black★Rock Shooter』 of 1~7 episode will be made in the broadcast once NikoNiko Anime Special

For more information from the following address

According to it additionin Akihabara gu~tsu tetsu cafe 「1~7 screening of Episode+talk show in gu~tsu tetsu cafe」 perform
To those who come and、many benefitsAlso planned a special exhibition of figures of BRSMore details will be published in the official HP later
 Please come and see
Everyone the final episode of BRS let's look at gu~tsu tetsu cafe!

Screening of BRS once+talk show in gu~tsu tetsu cafe
Date : March 22 (Thu) 21:00~25:30 Scheduled to end  ※Free entry and exit
Location : Gu~tsu tetsu cafe http://www.gstjcafe.jp/

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