Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

Beatonica - Owner Manual


  • 1. Customize Beatonica.

    Login Beatonica by clicking ①Login with your SNS account.
    Your sound is randomly chosen and shown on the top right corner.
    ④Sound-pad shows 14 icons of users randomly picked up from your friends or followers.
  • 2. Play a song.

    The original song created by you and your friends is played after login.
    You can switch it with ⑨PLAY/STOP button, change all music on ④Sound-pad with ②Shuffle button.
  • 3. Make a song/ Record a song.

    Stop playing music with ⑨PLAY/STOP button and clear preset music with ⑦ALL Clear button.
    Tap on ④Sound-pad to check each sound. With ⑤LIFENET pad, you can play LIFENET INSURANCE COMPANY song.
    With ②Shuffle button, you can change all sounds on ④Sound-pad.
    Select rhythm & pitch with ⑩Quantize and ⑪Pitch Controller, then start making a song after clicking ⑫Rec.
    Tap ④Sound-pad to the rhythm of ⑥Rhythm LED.
    ⑧Part is for deleting sound of a pad. Choose and tap a Sound-pad you wish to delete then click ⑧Part. ⑦ALL is for clearing the whole music.
  • 4. Play a song you created.

    Stop recording by clicking ⑫Rec, again.
    Click ⑨PLAY/STOP and enjoy your music!
  • 5. Share your song.

    Got nice music? Share it with friends!
    Clicking ③Share, you can share it on facebook or Twitter. You can also copy permalink for this music.

    Try Beatonica :

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