Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

Fan made event: UK39 Feat. Hatsune Miku - Live in Sunderland

Hello guys you have all been very patient and excited for a live Miku concert at SunnyCon and so here are the details. This is the MikuUK Project sneak peek rehearsal of the concert in Scotland still tba and you can get a first look here at SunnyCon.

The concert will be held at Passion in Sunderland city centre. The concert time will be 7pm -9.30pm tickets are limited to 400 max attendance and you will be able to purchase from the MikuUK table at SunnyCon. Tickets are on a first come first served basis and are available ONLY to SunnyCon ticket holders. TICKETS ARE LIMITED TO 1 PER PERSON! Please remember this we CANNOT reserve tickets or keep them aside as we want it to be fair for all.

The concert is available to ALL AGES however if you intend on purchasing alcohol please take ID. This concert is not included in the VIP half price deal however for over 18’s you are allowed to stay in the venue for the SunnyCon Saturday night party if you are 18+.
Tickets are priced £6 each.

This fan concert is officially backed by Crypton Future Media please support official Miku Hatsune, Vocaloid and MikuBook.com. 

Date : March 23th 2013
Place :
Passion Nightclub, holmeside, City of Sunderland

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