Kamis, 05 September 2013

Piapro Studio: Updated version

A new updater of Piapro Studio is available!

Please check it out by launching Piapro Studio.

  • Fixed slowing down or freezing problem on playback.
  • Fixed problem of importing some kind of vsqx file.
  • Fixed undoing/redoing problem on normalizing notes.
  • [Mac] The menu bar is attached to Piapro Studio window, when Digital Performer is the host application.
[New Features]
  • On double clicking a slider which automation is off, the value will be restored to the default.
  • The default drag action of note(s) is ‘dragging’ in case of note’s width is narrow on the display.
    In that case, you can change the length of note(s) by pressing down Alt Key(Win) / Command Key(Mac).
  • The timeline scrolls on clicking ‘Stop’ or ‘Go To’ button when ‘Auto Scrolling’ mode.
  • The timeline scrolls on Alt/Command+clicking of ‘Auto Scrolling’ button.
[Other Fixes]
  • Apply default singer correctly on importing a MIDI file.
  • Fixed wrong singer icon on loading song/project file of the host application or importing a ppsf file.
  • Fixed wrong pitch of the preview sound on the piano roll keyboard.
  • Fixed problem of the preview sound when unsupported sampling rate is set (other than 44.1/48.0/96.0kHz).
  • Fixed crash problem with quitting the host application.
  • Fixed problem with the track layout on dragging the track header after track order is changed.
  • Fixed unmuting note(s) after duplicating the region with muted note(s).
  • [Mac] Improved displaying performance of the automation track.
  • [Mac] Fixed problem that the lyrics palette sticks to the mouse pointer.
  • [Mac] Fixed crash with quitting the host application while the automation select dialog is opened.
  • [Mac] Fixed crash problem after the track is duplicated.
  • [Mac] Correct the context menu enable/disable state.
  • [Mac] Correct the color of the icon of the singer dialog.
For users who can’t update via automatic update, please inquire at your dealer on how to get the zip file.

Please check for the list of bug fixes here: http://piaprostudio.com/?p=3315#english
Wanna listen to Miku English songs made by users? Please check here: http://mikubook.com/v3e

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