Rabu, 11 Juni 2014

The Official Miku headset for Miku cosplayer!

You are Miku cosplayer but you can't find a perfect headset of Hatsune Miku? If so, this is for you!
The official Hatsune Miku headset is available from Assistcosplay.com!

Character Vocal Series Hatsune Miku headphone
Category : Character Vocal Series
Size : M & L
Product Specifications :

Costumes of the material:Polyester&Polyurethane&Synthetic leather/Produced by COSPA
Material :
Arm: PVC (polyvinyl chloride), Microphone stick: aluminum rod and polyolefin, Microphone: PMMA (acrylic)
Earpad: PMMA (acrylic) a thickness of five inches, pasted over with 3M high-gloss ding film. Hosing: pasted over with Felt

Price : ¥4,104
* Please note *
● This is only made for cosplay. Cannot use by play music.
● It is used the reflector part on Earpad part and so on.
●Do not pull, bend or twist the Microphone part and headphone with unnecessary force. There is a possibility that it will get damaged.
●Due to there is risk of deformation damage, do not place near flame or in areas of high temperatures.
●WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, Please make sure that small children will not swallow any part of Microphone by accident.
●WARNING: This product is recommended for children 15 and over. Keep away from babies and children.

Buy now: http://www.assistcosplay.com/category/341/

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