Rabu, 13 Agustus 2014

Exhibition events at MIKU EXPO in LA&NY have been announced!

We are happy to announce “Expo” part of events for both Los Angeles & New York!
Each cities will have a totally different concept event and both events are ENTRANCE FREE!

In Los Angeles, a two-day Halloween-themed event and exhibition ”Hatsune Miku Halloween Party” will be @Los Angeles Center Studios on Oct 11th&12th!
More info: http://mikuexpo.com/la_exhibition

In New York, the Lower East Side gallery and concept space @wallplay will host, Hatsune Miku Art Exhibition “Universal Positivity”.

And can you see Halloween Miku artwork by Suoh? This design will be “Nendroid: Hatsune Miku Halloween ver.” And it will be sold at both exhibition events venues…more info is coming son!

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