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2032 AD. The Earth had been invaded by aliens harsh
For the ultimate weapon against the invaders <BRS>

<she> wake up, the man was in a moribund state

Black★Rock Shooter ?

「Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME」is coming illustrator huke character was born from the hands of a piece of illustration。huke created in conjunction with the video itself, topped with videos of Miku singing 「I sang my original Miku Black★Rock Shooter」video was posted on Nikoniko as a record number of explosive plays。then, animated, expanding the field contents of a number of  a number of figures as well

「Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME」 Limited Edition Charm WRS BOX Price: 6,279 yen


Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME」(Version) to 際Shimashi, and only the first production run, we will ship WRS Gemuorijinarukyarakuta a charm
Limited Edition White Premium BOX」: cost 10,479 yen (tax included)

Huke gorgeous visual design specialties drawn BOX
Black ★ Rock Shooter THE GAME Edition
Original figure figma WRS
Black ★ Rokkushutaatowakusu [provisional]
Rimiteddosaundotorakku (composer: Beishisukeipu) 

Products per full order, who wants to purchase, please hurry to ensure a reservation

WRS Process for bundled Charm

Currently, limited edition White Premium BOX for our reservations and inquiries have gotten faster than our expectations figma so there is a limit to production at this rate may not deliver the desired quantities for the different stores

Therefore, measures that can accommodate Toshimashite Date of August 25, suddenly, only the first shipment Edition, WRS-up that included the pleasure of the charm. WRS Ni関Shimashite Edition is shipped with the first charm, has become a full-order as soon as the first sold out Limited Edition, Limited Edition and will be sold only downloadable charity
Products per full order, who wants to purchase, please hurry to ensure a reservation.

Staff Development

Character Design & Original / huke
Director / Shin Osamu 一哉
Scenario / Nozima Kazunari

Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME」 is the official site こちら

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