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「BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME -」will be released on August 25! Information products lineased

Everyone to the victims of the earthquake east this time,
We sincerely sympathy

Black ★ Rock Shooter THE GAME downloadable charity salea

Black ★ Rock Shooter THE GAME will be released on August 25, the download version of the charity
The price is ¥ 5,600 頂Ki up, a number of sales of ¥ 500 per book, towards the east of this earthquake victims, we will send a donation through the Japan Red Cross.
Currently, circulation and games 来Tashi havoc around the Tohoku region, may come out like Ikiwataranai store the goods sufficiently. If so, think you'll enjoy looking for with the download version means, if at all in useful in the reconstruction of the affected areas and assistance to those victims who, we believe
Guest everyone, thank you everyone for your cooperation and understanding of distribution

Black ★ Rock Shooter THE GAME First Edition in the WRS-supplied Charm



Download version will be released the same day as charityBlack ★ Rock Shooter THE GAME(Version) to 際Shimashi to only the first production run, we will ship Gemuorijinarukyarakuta WRS's charm

The price is similar to the price guide from the Limited Edition has 24 Nov 2010, 6,279 yen will help us to freeze

Limited Edition White Premium BOX : cost 10,479 yen (tax included)

Huke gorgeous visual design specialties drawn BOX
Black ★ Rock Shooter THE GAME Edition
Original figure figma WRS
Black ★ Rokkushutaatowakusu [provisional]
Rimiteddosaundotorakku (composer: Beishisukeipu)

Products per full order, who wants to purchase, please hurry to ensure a reservation


WRS Process for bundled Charm

Currently, limited edition White Premium BOX for our reservations and inquiries have gotten faster than our expectations. Because there is a limit to figma production at this rate may not deliver the desired quantities for the different stores
Therefore, measures that can accommodate Toshimashite Date of August 25, suddenly, only the first shipment Edition, WRS-up that included the pleasure of the charm. WRS-Ni関Shimashite First Edition is shipped with charm, has become a full-order as soon as the first sold out Limited Edition, Limited Edition and will be sold only downloadable charity

Products per full order, who wants to purchase, please hurry to ensure a reservation

The first version of the WRS-supplied and charm, the limited edition bundle figma gotten so many inquiries from Ni関Shimashite everyone, I will answer

>How much is the amount of the first edition?
*We guide you from the 24th November, unchanged from the price of 6,279 yen Edition

>After the first edition, Limited Edition price change?
*Toshimashite retail price is 6,279 as yen remains unchanged

>Another limited edition White Premium BOX Why can not the book?
*Situation that is inundated with inquiries and reservation purposes only, White Premium BOX I think so like many stores come to take reservations now, I think I like booking in-store or mail order site

>First Edition book has been started or?
*BANNER, including the first shopping site like the following, I think there is something that has been launched in the book shop. Like more information, please contact the store


>Limited Edition White Premium BOX in the WRS-shipped or charm?
*Limited Edition White Premium BOX in the WRS-charm is not included. I will ship only to the first Edition

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