Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

【BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER 】 - 『OVA B★RS Original Art Collection Special Edition』 Nico exclusive online direct marketing!

Popular OVA 「BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER」 original Art Collection is finally here

Was sold at Comiket 80 "Special Edition" also sold directly to Nico!!
The original volume of 200 pages
This is just a large volume butas a bonus 32 page collection of color settings
In additionT-Shirts characteristics Size M/L 2 type) with ultra-luxurious too!!
Comiket afford 80」「Failed to join the Comiketdirect customers who are Niko Niko at us

OVA B★RS 原画集 特装版

Price:¥4,000(tax included
SpecificationsOriginal Art Collection Set AlbumBonus)+T-shirt set with transparent case
・OVA Original Art Collection 200P(with the cover、of page1C)
Color Album Set 32P
Special T-shirt(M/L size
Image of the actual product may differ somePlease be forewarned

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