Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

J-Pop Summit Festival 2011 "Raising Funds for Japan"

With this spring’s earthquake tragedy still fresh in our minds, the J-POP SUMMIT Festival will incorporate multiple benefit projects into the programming by teaming up with organization and artists that are helping with Northeastern Japan’s disaster relief. 

The Winning Design and Charity Goods
The winning designer is artist Shiratama from Japan.

A message from Japantown: We are extremely grateful for artist Shiratama, who designed this Miku who tightly holds onto a heart with an expression of love, and all artists from Japan and from around the world who had sent in their designs. Please visit us here one of these days, and come meet the Miku that now graces the streets of Japantown. 

Artist Shiratama’s Miku has gone up as banners in Japantown and charity goods with the same design will be for sale at NEW PEOPLE the Store to benefit Japan’s relief efforts during J-POP SUMMIT Festival 2011!

PIAPRO x San Francisco Japantown collaboration:
In conjunction with the 3rd annual J-POP SUMMIT Festival, is collaborating with Japantown of San Francisco. The submissions for Japantown’s street pole banner design with the theme of “Hope for Japan’s Recovery” closed recently. 

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