Kamis, 01 September 2011

【BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER - THE GAME】 at PSHOME、figurines Mufufu Launches!&Information-related goods

Hello everyone
「Black★Rock Shooter - THE GAME」

Today、at PlayStation(R)HOME、「Black★Rock Shooter - THE GAME」sales will begin the second phase, beginning with the figure of goods
(※Was launched todayCostume Narikiri」I、
Very sorryWe will change the release on September 08

クリックRPGPlayStation(R) HOMEとは?

PS HOMEについて詳しくはこちらをクリックしてご覧ください。

CHECK_RPGCan be installed! Figure Series

Here is a fun item to have established a personal lounge
And figure series
Please enjoy looking at from every angle

BRS Swimsuit Figures(250 yen)

BRS Uniform Figures(250 yen)

BRS Bunny Figures(250 yen)

WRS Wing Figures(250 yen)

BRS Posters(Free)

CHECK_RPGBlack★Rock Shooter - THE GAME  Accessory Set for PSP

『B★RS』is introduction of dedicated PSP accessory design motif Charming



 ・Hardware Pouch
BRS porch decorated with original hardware design hori
Hardware Pouch (EVA) to protect the PSP from a hard impact with the cover was used
Fitted with a clear case PSP-3000 with UMD2 SheetsHolds the supplied headphones

Clear Case
Clear protective case for the body of the original design
Protect your PSP from scratches and dirt as wellWhile wearing UMD can be replaced
Stand with simple functions optimized for viewing other seg。PSP-3000 compatible

The original design of hook type headset
With volume controller can adjust the volume at hand

Product NameBlack★Rock Shooter - THE GAME  Accessory Set for PSP
Release DateAugust 25, 2011
Price3,980 yen(tax included

CHECK_RPGBlack★Rock Shooter THE GAME Memory Stick PRO Duo(Mark2)4GB
for PSP

You can download the original product code with a custom theme
You can download a custom wallpaper,  different themes

Product Code expire until August 24, 2012Only 1 available

Product NameBlack★Rock Shooter THE GAME Memory Stick PRO Duo(Mark2)4GBfor PSP
Release DateAugust 25, 2011
Price3,980 yen(tax included

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