Kamis, 01 September 2011

Hatsune Miku's 4th Birthday Party

It’s Vocaloid singer Hatsune Miku’s 4th birthday! HearJapan is celebrating with a HUGE number of brand new releases just for this very occasion!

This dual single features two powerful yet slightly different songs. “Dreamer” is an upbeat techno track while “Rera” has a more grand and cinematic feel. Together they show Miku’s broad range as well as DAISUKE-P’s raw talent.

This release is full of tremendously bright and positive sounding electro tracks. Miku is front and center in these gentle and infections songs ranging from dance to more introspective ballads.

With these songs, we can pretend the summer will never end! JevanniP brings us six sweet electro tracks for summer that will invoke visions of simmering beaches, playful vollyball games and starry nights.

U-ji aka RaychoruiP celebrates with two releases! CHIP TEARS E.P. is a collection of remixes featuring, you guessed it, chiptune inspired grooves and bleeps. Also, NEVERLAND, which was written just for Miku’s birthday!

This is a great little ballad from Re:nG. With an extended, twinkling intro and a piano-driven melody, this one will put a smile on your face for sure.

A super cute and super energetic song about bread! What more could you ask for?!


Here are a couple steamy tracks from KnuthP. “Flower Tales” is about a “forbidden love” (the album art should give you a hint) and “Yurete” deal with a daydreaming Hatsune Miku. You’ll just have to check them out to get the full story…


What more can be said about this fast, pounding and totally crazy track than has already been said in the album description? “This is the story of a town with seven old men filled with lust. They had green hair and they would roam the streets looking to lure young girls. Then one of the underage girls in the town caught their attention. She aroused them to great lengths.” Yep.

Pounding drums and other folky/ethnic sounds propel these songs far beyond your standard tracks! With a live sound and an epic feel, these are sure to inspire grand visions.

This one is a great mix of fun sounds and playful electro. Definitely one that will get you moving and put a smile on your face.

This full album from SOSOSO is full of groove-heavy, explosive dance tracks as well as more mellow, down-tempo jams. A portion of the sales will also go to charity, so make sure to so it some love!

This excellent, hip dance track is sure to remind you of certain modern dance-pop idol groups. All the more reason to check it out!

This song has “anthem” written all over it. THIS is the kind of song you expect for a birthday celebration. Super upbeat, forever escalating upward to the future!

Sevencolors knows how to trow a birthday party! With not one but SIX new singles, Sevencolors provides more than enough to get the party not only started, but dancing late into the night. Make sure to check ‘em all out!


Megurine Luka joins Miku in this heavy electro rock track. Always better to have a few friends around for the party, right?


hashiyasume has put together a wide range of songs for Muku’s birthday. Dance, rock and easy-going songs, they’re all here.

You know it. It goes, “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya nyan nyan nyannyannyannyannyan nyan nyan nyannyannyannyannyan nyan nyan nyannyan nyannyan nyan nyan nyannyannyan.”

Did someone order a sweet heavy metal guitar solo for their birthday? Oh, it was you Miku? Here you go!


While onewP maybe have been “screwing around when he made this song,” it’s nevertheless a great one. Just slightly strange, it’s still a catchy, pounding track full of strings, guitars and some pretty weird sounds.

Chiquewa brings a much needed injection of indie rock flavor to the Miku party! “ESP” is a nice jangly guitar track, while “Date Shiyouyo” features a strolling tempo, a horn section and Queen-like guitars. Fun!


This is a “feel good” song if ever there was one. Uplifting pianos and a bassline that will get under your skin, not to mention Miku’s irresistible vocals!


This is a light, glimmering song from D.S.L. Like the reflection of moonlight on a midnight pond.

Clean Tears brings a couple club tracks to the party with >To be style. There’s the funky title track as well as a straight up club/trance mix of “Dragoon.” Get out on the dancefloor!

Check out these two rockin’ b-day tracks from TKP. “NEXT DOOR” is a guitar heavy slamming dance/industrial track while “Promised wind” is a darker yet equally guitar-driven rock song.

Here’s an interesting, almost dub-step track from ELECTROCUTICA. With wobbly bass, stuttering beats and impish synths, this one is sure to keep you guessing just as much as it’ll keep you listening!

This duo of tight and rockin’ pop rock songs is the perfect way to end our celebration. Equal parts electo wizardry and good old fashioned rock and roll, this is the perfect hybrid of real-world and synthesized sounds.

Happy 4th birthday, Miku!

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