Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

☆ 『Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai』 reservation benefits☆

Herethe software will be released for the Nintendo 3DS, March 08, 2012


『Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai』 Reservation  benefits
It's called mirai no tooto” is!

Customers who have purchased at book stores across the country eligible for this work
Book as a gift Chaimasu benefits

Koch is the way the back side


mirai no tooto” is、a popular illustratorHosan immediately the design is drawn by a mini tote bag
Cute Chibi Mikudesign gem encrusted illustration of that catapult mochiarukitaku!
I ordered an item and just can not get heredo not miss us

Benefits are subject to availabilityBook benefits will be given when you purchase the product
For implementation, please check at the store counter
Whilst the benefits soonthis campaign will end
The offer includes・design are subject to change without notice。予め御了承下さい。

Chibi MikuIt's cute
I become so convenient sizeby all means GET Thank you
I use it appreciated at various scenes

Please see information in the mind games that official HP

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