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【KarenT】AVTechNO!、U-ji aka reichoo-rui P、arata delivery start!

AVTechNO! 『Hatsune Miku TEAR』、U-ji aka reichoo-rui P 『Imaging Cross Sympathy ~Sympathetic imagination intersect SIDE-M~』、arata 『Butnow love you / Request!』Became the title of 3 start delivery

『Hatsune Miku TEAR』

AVTechNO! 『Hatsune Miku TEAR』 is first singleand masterpieces 「BULE/GREEN」mini-album of 5 songsincluding another version is new for 2 monthsRecommended Tr.4「Bule Green IIXII」is!「BULE/GREEN」 is far from one's listeningthe lyrics come out number Voice of the Sea」「Voices of the Wind」「Voice of the Forestwaves and windrespectivelydepending on the ambient sounds of birds is rung that will include a healing thing that was born therethis work 「Bule Green IIXII」 has been expressed more sophisticated in their healing elementsIn additionn addition, previous work had been No. 2 to musical expression the voice of the city」「voicesis also used for environmental sounds。3:04~ environmental sounds in the chorusso there is a depth to the dynamism of the universe and all sounds ambitiousit is recommended song! 

U-ji aka reichoo-rui P
『Imaging Cross Sympathy ~Sympathetic imagination intersect SIDE-M~』

U-ji aka reichoo-rui P 『Imaging Cross Sympathy ~Sympathetic imagination intersect SIDE-M~』。Album Black Coffee is the first time in a month of release Everyone isoing to a dietand thinkgot out but I have a purseWhat can you do it takes time to really understand what your eatingBut that my feelings for their deaf and hard is a fine ideaWhen love and also it is hard to listen to it full of strong feelings come out。『Imaging Cross Sympathy ~sympathetic imagination intersect SIDE-M~』 is born from the struggle to draw such strong feelings of the twois a lively music Nantomo。U-ji aka reichoo-rui P it is far from even listen to one's favorite 8bit sounds! 

Butnow love you / Request!』

arata 『Butnow love you / Request!』 previous work is done before it allfrom both the A-side single release of the first time and about half a year。VHow to use creative expression to VOCALOIDbut there are various approaches by Creator、arata approach is expressed primarily as a lover Hatsune Miku。 Tr.1「Butnow love youis a love story very refreshingStraight I like youto convey the love songI would not listen after finishing with painful feelings come and be loved and sprout mysteriousIt is recommended, such as when you immerse us in the mood to love

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